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Good Lord… Landon Started a Blog
Nov 15 2005

Welcome… to the last blog you’ll ever read. Ok, maybe it won’t be that incredible… but I hope so.
Landon Chicago 2

So, what can you expect from this so-called “blog?”

  • An Escape – During the work day. During the weekend. This is a place to come where I’ll be posting articles that I hope you find interesting and/or useful. Hopefully, you’ll take something from it, and every now and then, give something back.
  • Unwanted Commentary – I’ll be honest, I won’t address a large number of serious topics on this blog… at least for now. Ya’ll get enough of that from the world.
  • Holiday Cheer – With Christmas just around the corner, I’ll be posting endless articles and links surrounding the best holiday of the year.
  • Lifehacks – How to’s, Tips and Tricks, plus other tools to (hopefully) make your lives easier.
  • Other notable topics:
    Travel Tips, Gadgets, Politics, Time Wasters, Financial Tips, Shopping, Relationships, Family, and much, much more.

    This is beginning to sound like an infomercial.

    Just enjoy.

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    1. Paige said:

      Is this what happens when you don’t have a job, and you move back home to Jasper, AL?