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The Big Move
Aug 21 2006

Carrying-on in the cheesy “name the trip” theme I’ve come accustomed to… I’ve dubbed my 8 (or 9) day drive from Jasper, Alabama to Seattle, Washington: The Big Move

But actually… there’s nothing big about my load. I’ll be driving my car and taking only my clothes.

That’s it. Why? Because the house will be fully furnished with the exception of my bedroom. And with the cost of renting a U-Haul van as well as a trailer to tow my car ($750), coupled with the price of gas ($400, arm & leg, plus a live baby), do the math… it’ll be cheaper to snag a new bed, chest of drawers, etc, when I get there.

The drive will take 8 days and will cover 12 states. I’ll be stopping along the way in St. Louis, Omaha, Devil’s Tower, The Badlands, and I’ll be spending a day or so in Yellowstone National Park before heading to Spokane and then onto Seattle.

I figure that if I’m going to be driving cross-country, why not make it count for something?

I’ll be posting pictures as they happen via my camera phone. You’ll be able to view them through a link that will be stationed at the top of the page.

The trip should be fun. South Dakota is supposed to be beautiful in late-August… yeah.

    Leaving : Thursday, August 24 (or Friday, August 25) I haven’t really decided yet
    Arriving : Friday, September 1
    States : 12
    Miles : approx. 2,600
    Bags of Sunflower Seeds : approx. 3
    12 oz cans of Diet Coke : approx. 25
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  1. JK said:

    Looks like you’re coming through Oxford. Let me know if you want to stop by.