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Questions & Answers Over the Last 10 Months
Aug 25 2006

I’ve been all over during the last few weeks – hugging your necks and kissing your babies – and there have been a lot of questions asked.

Since they’ve almost all been the same ones, I thought I’d post the most frequent ones below.

So, here you go.

Question: Now that you’re moving, are you still gonna do the blog?

    Answer: Are you kidding me? I’m starting a new life in the furthest, most beautiful, most polar opposite of Jasper in America. I have no plans of ditching this blog anytime soon.

Question: What have you done for money over the last 10 months?

    Answer: There literaly hasn’t been one day (even Saturday & Sunday) since 1999 where I haven’t made money. I’m not even close to being rich… but I’ve always got a steady cash flow.

    Plan ahead, suckas.

Q: Why did you leave your job at MC in the first place?

    Answer: I had other job offers, and it was time to move on.

Q: What happened to the “other job?”

    Answer: I was in the midst of changing jobs when Hurricane Katrina hit. When Katrina came through it took away a lot of things… including the position(s) I was supposed to roll into. So, I was left jobless.

Q: Why didn’t you just get another job in Mississippi?

    Answer: While that’s what I would have loved to do… I just didn’t feel like it was what I needed to do. I love the Hospitality State more than you’ll ever know. However, life is about making decisions that are correct, not comfortable.

    I love Mississippi. I miss Mississippi.

Question: But you left Mississippi 10 months ago. Why did you wait so long to move on to something else, you lazy bum?

    Answer: I was offered an interview for a PR firm in Birmingham while changing planes in Chicago on the way back from Europe. The offer for an interview was pretty much an on-the-spot offer to take the job. As much as I love the ‘Ham, now just isn’t the right time to move there.

    I was asked to move to Boston 3 months ago but didn’t feel right about it even though it still is one of my favorite parts of the country.

    I was asked to come to Seattle 3 months ago, but I would have had to fly back 4 times before September for weddings and meetings. Say… $5000 a flight… $50 each time for airport parking… taking off at least 5 vacation days within my first 3 months of work. So… yeah… not the smartest move to make at the moment.

Q: Do you get mad when we make fun of the fact that you’ve been living at home for the past 10 months?

    Answer: No. Because I know that 99.999% of you mean it lovingly. Almost all of you have expressed interest in coming out ot Seattle over the next year and I know you’re excited for my big, risky move.

Question: What about the 0.001% of those who aren’t joking?

    Answer: I peed in your cereal.

Question: If you had the last 10 months to do over again, would you do it the same way?

    Answer: Yes, and no.

    Yes in the sense that I’ve been able to do a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’ve also had quality time with the parents, and quality tiem with friends in the Birmingham area.

    No in the sense that I wish I would have relaxed a bit more. I’ve literally spent day and night reading, writing and researching for business ventures… that’s just me, always thinking about tomorrow, rarely stopping to enjoy today.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and you can never anticipate a hurricane taking away your next job.

However, if things hadn’t gone wrong I would have never been able to go to Europe, or spend time with my parents, or have time to really reevaluate what direction I wanted my life to take.

Being 25-years-old, single, having another source of income, and being willing to subject yourself to lesser than normal conditions are neccesities to even think about pulling the stunt I have pulled over the last 10 months.

But I could do it… because I started working myself into this position years ago.

Setting-up Juicee News while people questioned sitting at a computer for 6 hours a day. Juicee News (along with other minor endavours) has been paying my bills, as well as my trip to Europe, for the past 10 months.

So… do I regret it? No. Because I planned ahead. I planned for the unexpected. I was flexible. And I never freaked out about “what will people think?”

I’m ready to move onto a new job — that’s for sure. Those of you who know me well know that I love business. Love it. We’ve got some things on the docket that we’ll beannouncing soon. Also, when I move and get everything set into place, I’ll be working on a couple of smaller projects that have a small chance of making it. It’ll be fun, whether or not big things happen from these small items.

Through it all you must remember and repeat two very simple but very important words: delayed gratification

You keep repeating that… everything else takes care of itself.

Let’s go to Seattle.

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  1. Paul Hale said:

    Uh, oh, your pic shows Welcome to Arkansas, yet you left it off your map, so it is a 13 state trip. Is this a slight oversight, were we lost, didn’t count it b/c we weren’t in it that long, or are we SUPERSTICIOUS about the number 13?