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Happy Birthday, Blog
Nov 15 2007

2 Years Old

The blog turns 2-years-old today which means that the blog is chewing solid food, walking around the house, getting into the cookie jar, and smoking.

As I’ve said before, the blog is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. From Europe to The Big Move to the good ole random links, you keep reading despite my grammatical errors and self-infatuation; and for that, my ego is eternally grateful.

In all seriousness:
I really have no earthly idea how the blog has built up this kind of base… 160,000 visits and close to 400,000 page views in just under 24 months. You guys/gals are awesome.

People ask me questions about the blog all the time…

Who reads the blog?
You… silly. Actually, the only time that I know for certain who actually views the blog is either A) They tell me (at work, weddings, funerals… yes, funerals), or B) They comment on any article. Other than that, I just have statistics to guess from… people from Jackson, Birmingham, Nashville, New York, and Atlanta make up a huge segment of readers… though readership stretches far beyond the US. (Seriously… who reads my blog in Japan, China, and Dubai???)

Do you ever get tired of it?
Nope. Never. I enjoy entertaining the notion that this blog is somehow entertaining.

When will you quit blogging?
When you all quit reading… or when I die (though I’m sure Heaven has an incredible wi-fi network)… or when I have to. By have to… I mean have to, though I don’t know what I mean by that.

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  1. Karen (Howell) said:

    I can’t believe it’s just two!