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Happy Birthday, Blog!
Nov 15 2008

Yes… the blog turns 3-years-old today. Just 4 weeks ago we had our 200,000th visitor.

It’s been an incredible year for the blog, though it was not without some bumps in the road. Remember when the pages wouldn’t load and you’d spend your workday sending me emails and facebook messages and I’d try to fix it when I got home but it wouldn’t work and you’d start to cry and you wouldn’t be able to function? ‘Member that?

Thank you for a wonderful year and your continued support. I believe that Christmas season is always the best time of the year on the blog so the last 7 weeks of the year should be incredible.

[As for the picture… it’s the first thing I got when I googled ‘Happy Birthday 3‘. I laughed… so I thought you would, too.]

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  1. erexroth1 said:

    That’s truly disturbing!