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Happy Halloween from Eric & Tami Taylor
Nov 1 2009

This blog and most of its readers have a love affair with the critically acclaimed television show Friday Night Lights. Aside from being beautifully shot, incredibly detailed, and eerily realistic… the characters are flat-out lovable. The most lovable of the bunch? The Taylors, of course.

We know that Coach & Mrs. Coach have since moved to East Dillon High, but the traditional Dillon Panther gear is the one we know and love the most.

Outfits inspired by thisthisthisthisthis.

– Stitched-Lettering Coaches Cap
– ‘Blue Glass’ Sunglasses w/Croakies (Tim Riggins’ smile is so bright, I gotta wear shades.)
– Playbook (Matt Saracen better study this, and not my daughter, day and night.)

– Panther Pin
– Aviator Sunglasses

Buddy Garrity better not show up at my house this year asking for candy.

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