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Happy Monday: post Mississippi edition
Sep 12 2010

Weddings! They’re fun. You see old friends. You witness two people commit the rest of their lives to one another! And they’re oh-so-flipping exhausting. I’m exhausted (and, truth be told, I didn’t really even do that much).

  • A four-day weekend in Olive Branch, MS.
  • A Saturday ‘o college football at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends who flew in from Seattle.
  • The dance, y’all.
  • Wedding time, in the Mississippi sticks.
  • Mississippi customizable tags, for the win.
  • Southern Miss defeats the powerhouse of Prairie View A&M.
  • Our reentry to Seattle, flying past Mt Rainier…

    tags: # happy monday, #life, #mississippi, #travel, #weddings


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