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Mad Men: Tomorrowland
Oct 18 2010

Yeah. I don’t quite know how to feel about this Megan thing either. As I tweeted post-episode Sunday night, I expected the proposal to be revealed as a dream sequence. Truth be told, as much as I’m intrigued by the ending, I’m fairly frustrated as well.

But then again, it wouldn’t be Mad Men if it didn’t end both thoroughly confusing and/or frustrating.

This insight from Gawker does a simple job of explaining what season four was all about:

The arc of this season seemed to be the integration of Don Draper and his assumed persona with Dick Whitman, the man who he is on the inside. Part of that was getting close to Dr. Faye, a woman who seemed to be an amalgamation of the two types of women Don needs in his life—blond bimbos to have sex with, and smart women to confide in and be friends with. This was cemented when, in a fit of panic, Don confessed the secret of his past to Dr. Faye, or at least part of his secret. Once she knew the truth and still accepted Don, we hoped that his transformation from the booze-soaked bachelor at the beginning of the season to a level-headed and successful ad executive was complete. If he could love Dr. Faye, he could be a complete person and no longer have to live the duality of his personality.

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