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Happy Halloween from Ralphie & The Leg Lamp
Oct 31 2010

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Ever since we started gong out on Halloween in Seattle we’ve always made an effort to “match”.

Our first three years we were TV characters, usually from whatever show had become our favorite in the months leading to Halloween.

This year we talked about mixing it up, and during a discussion of our favorite time of the year (hellooooooo) A Christmas Story came up.

Like many of you, A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Being Ralphie in his bunny suit and dressing Chelsea up as the “Major Award” leg lamp seemed logical (video).

By the way, that’s an actual lamp shade with actual working lights inside. Kudos, wifey.

2009: Eric & Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

2008: Joan Holloway and Don Draper Pete Campbell, Mad Men

2007: Jim and Pam, The Office

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