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We’re moving to Birmingham
Nov 30 2010

Trading the Space Needle for Vulcan’s magnificent buns of iron. Seriously, he is a physical specimen to admire.

I’ve accepted a job with a Birmingham-based software company. Chelsea and I will be residents by December 19.

Moving back to The South has always been a goal for Chelsea and me long before we were married. Chelsea moved to Los Angeles in 2005 right after college. I moved to Seattle in September 2006, convincing Chelsea to get her own place in Seattle in 2007 when we started dating again.

Birmingham is an amazing city and there’s never been a better time to be a resident. Home to one of the best restaurants, best pubs, and best music venues in America, it doesn’t lack in culture. An international hub for physical therapy and health care for years, it’s also home to one of the fastest growing small business/technology incubators in America.

An afternoon drive takes you to the beach or the mountains, Atlanta or Nashville, the lake or the plains. Birmingham is big enough to feel big, small enough without feeling too small, and it’s the perfect place to start our family. I absolutely love this city.

To top it off, we’re closer to many of you. At this point in our life having friends and family within arms reach seems almost a foreign concept, and that’s not ok. We like you.

So, we’re pumped. Very.

As excited as we are to move to Birmingham, we’re equally as sad to leave Seattle. Seattle will get many posts over the next few days. This city has been amazing in both the experiences it provided and the people we’ve come to call close friends. For the rest of our lives we’ll find any excuse possible to visit.

For now, we plan and pack, and listen to a Randy Newman classic. So you in three weeks.

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  1. jodyg said:

    Crap, there goes my Chick-Fil-A mayorship.