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Our favorite things to do in Seattle, the Northwest
Dec 6 2010

  • German Monday’s at Prost! West Seattle.
  • Evening walks in Sculpture Park.
  • Evening walks around Green Lake.
  • Day/weekend trips to Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR.
  • Riding the Light Rail.
  • Gas Works Park on a sunny day.
  • Random trips to the outlet mall, sometimes adjacent casino, always adjacent McDonald’s.
  • Riding ferries, sometimes for no real reason.
  • Phở on cold, dark, rainy days.
  • Saturday morning pancakes.
  • Watching sports at Buckley’s.
  • Finding new coffee shops.
  • Tomato soup and Mac & Cheese at Beecher’s in Pike Place Market on freezing afternoons.
  • Mariners games.
  • Sounders games.
  • Seahawks games.
  • Annex Pub in Portland.
  • Scotiabank Theatre in Vancouver.
  • Aimlessly wandering University Village.
  • Movies at the Cinerama.
  • Sitting in Zoka for hours.
  • Mexican food at Cactus, and introducing any of our visitors to it as well.
  • Skipping stones on Alki Beach.
  • Browsing the stacks at Powell’s Books in Portland.
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