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Photos from the road
Dec 21 2010

Many of your followed our cross-country trek on Facebook and Twitter, so I’ll just post the highlights.

If you want to view these and the rest, head over to Flickr.

Needless to say, I got lots and lots of stares as I stood in the parking lot of Oregon’s athletic department in my bright orange Auburn shirt. It was well worth it. War Eagle.

Chelsea’s car was broken into on night one. We found this out quite literally as the words “Sacramento seems like a really safe city” left my mouth. Thankfully, nothing of significant importance was taken.

In-N-Out is one of those burgers that, upon initial consumption I was never blown away by. My last few experiences have made me nothing but an obsessed devourer and blind loyalist.

So scarred by the break in, we felt the need to drive through Palm Springs for an evening at the Rancho Las Palmas.

The bartender at Rancho Las Palmas inquired if she could use us as guinea pigs for new drinks. We did could, could never be able to, consume them all.

Meteor Crater, AZ. Self explanatory and mind-blowing.

Like The Eagles, I’ve stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. That’s a flatbed Ford. Evidently the ‘girl in the flatbed Ford’ was on her lunch break.

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