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Oh yeah… War Eagle!
Jan 17 2011

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I was on a cruise ship during the BCS Championship Game. I couldn’t watch. Literally.

The satellite feed wasn’t working, so 30 Auburn and Oregon fans all gathered round a computer (paying $0.75 per minute) to watch a bootlegged feed which froze every 30 seconds. It was like being handed a grainy photograph of an event with no explanation whatsoever about what happened before, after, or even when it happened.

I’m sure many of you didn’t mind my absence. Lord knows your Twitter feeds were a lot less full.

People always ask me who I cheer for when it comes to college football. Southern Miss is the obvious answer. Referring my following of the Golden Eagles as an “obsession” would be a major understatement. But in the state of Alabama, you are Alabama or you are Auburn. I grew up Auburn and followed them with a passion greater than many who actually attended the university. I joke that if I was married to Southern Miss, Auburn would be “the other woman”.

So, to Auburn, War Eagle! What an incredibly memorable year.

Now… let’s be honest and admit that next year you’ll be lucky to go 9-3. (luv u Newton & Fairley)

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