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Every little bit matters
Jan 26 2011

Kevin McAllister is not happy about his downtime.

In 2010, Daxko’s uptime was 99.96%. This means that our systems for our users of Daxko Opperations, Daxko Accounting, and Daxko Connect were only offline for 0.04% of the entire year.

By comparison, Amazon Web Services’ uptime was 99.95%. Amazon… AMAZON. 0.01% is 10 additional minutes of downtime.

Make no mistake, hundreds of factors go into high availability. However, downtime is just like any other problem or pothole in business… it’s essentially unavoidable. All companies face the same challenges and can plan according to their size and scope.

Ten minutes is a long time when you’re ordering a book or tracking a package that is set to deliver in time for someone’s birthday.

Ten minutes is a long time. I can’t sit still for two minutes.

Daxko was prepared for growth, traffic, and (perhaps most importantly) the unexpected in 2010. At the end of the day the companies who do just a little bit better are the ones who position themselves to be the best. 10 minutes.

Amazon, y’all. Amazon.

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