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Can we make today – the last Friday of every January – International Linchpin Day?
Jan 28 2011

The Donald thinks you’re doing a good job. You’re not fired.

I’ve been slowly working my way through Seth Godin’s Linchpin over the last four weeks. As will all of Seth’s books, it’s worth every penny. (Buy it with that Amazon coupon we all bought on Living Social last week.)

An excerpt:

A linchpin is an unassuming piece of hardware, something you can buy for 69 cents at your local hardware store. It’s not glamorous, but it’s essential. It holds the wheel onto the wagon, the thingy onto the widget.

Every single organization has at least one linchpin; some have dozens or even thousands. The linchpin is the essential element, the person who holds part of the operation together. Without the linchpin the thing falls apart.

Who’s your linchpin?

For me (a new guy at a company) a linchpin is anyone that will answer any question I have in a short, simple answer that is both easy to remember and easy to apply.

Yesterday I asked a colleague to review a document containing a request for a proposal from a potential customer. I wanted his thoughts regarding certain aspects, and to what extent we could meet the potential customer’s needs.

Later that afternoon I get an email. He’s reviewed the document and has suggested next steps.

Wait, what?

This was no two page, bullet-pointed, simpleton document. This was a monster PDF containing crucial bits of information about a long-term agreement.

My colleague had no problems tackling the monster doc because he’s well-versed in the language of proposal requests, he’s intelligent, and he’s hard working. He’s seen a hundred documents like this and knows exactly how to break it down in order to analyze it in a manner that is both efficient and thorough. He’s a linchpin.

Linchpins need to be thanked. Why? Because if you don’t thank them, another company will.

[photo via 30fps – love that man]

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