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Learning to travel better
Mar 14 2011

I’ll be traveling more than normal in 2011, therefore I’m doing my darndest to travel better.

“Better” is defined as:
– lighter suitcase
– smaller suitcase
– faster through security
– faster at packing
– faster at repacking
– activity learning and practicing airport security tips/tricks

Sound cheesy? I agree… until one has to get from DFW’s Terminal A to Terminal E in 16 minutes.

To assist in my efforts I’ve been reading up on what others have to say about the ins and outs of business and personal travel.

One of my particular favorites was this blog post, and the following snippets.

I am very minimal when I travel.
I never check luggage. I refuse to check luggage. I look down at people who check luggage. When I get on the plane I have a backpack with my laptop and a carry-on—that’s it.

If you’re going to check luggage…
you basically should just get back in your car, go home and not fly anywhere.


When you fly: don’t wear sweatpants.
Wearing sweatpants on a plane is like wearing a fanny-pack walking around Paris. It’s pretty much the same thing.


I was on a plane once that lost all cabin pressure.
We had to make an emergency landing in Buffalo. My nose started bleeding because there was no air-pressure…and then we realized that the only thing worse than crashing and dying was landing in Buffalo.


One time I sat on a plane next to Britney Spears’ mom.
That was hilarious. We talked about Britney for two and a half hours.

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