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How big a fan are you?
Jul 8 2011

The other day on BigGoldNation.com (the Rivals.com site for Southern Miss) a question was posed: How “Golden Eagle” are you?

Most of the answers revolved around the shifting of wedding dates or praying that a baby wouldn’t be born on a game day.

My response is below:

“On the morning of the 2001 Southern Miss-UAB football game I split my shin open (2 1/2 inches) during an outdoor excursion. My leg was bleeding profusely, and a friend on the trip (a Registered Nurse) told me to go head to the hospital immediately; 7-8 stitches would likely be required. I opted to head to the football game, leaving a shirt sleeve tied around my upper calf acting as a sort of “Mississippi tourniquet”, bleeding into my shoe throughout the entire game… which ended in a 3-0 USM victory.

To this very day not only do I have a visible scar, but also an even more visible accompanying indention in my right shin.

Southern Miss… to the top.”

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