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How has no one at @LinkedIn fixed this bug yet?
Sep 28 2011

I love LinkedIn. Love it. Having been in business development roles for for years it’s one of my first stops in the morning and I probably visit the site 20+ times a day.

However, someone over there needs to get their act together.

Background: I’m headed to the first Seattle Interactive Conference (aka: SIC) in November. We’re (we = Doozer) in the midst of launching our new online tool Mittix, and this conference is important for a slew of networking reason.

So I head to the events page for SIC and see that I have 2 connections attending. Two out of ~80? Meh… at lest I’ll have 2 friends there.

I then select the drop-down menu to see that I am one of those connections. The other being a former coworker at ChemPoint who has since launched his own venture.

How the heck and I connected to myself?

This bug has been present on LinkedIn for quite some time and it’s annoying as any bug in the social media tools I use. If LinkedIn can get Obama to visit their Palo Alto campus for a townhall, they should be able to fix an obvious bug.

So, my question is quite ironic: Who has a LinkedIn connection at LinkedIn to whom I can petition the removal of this bug?

Yes, one can refer to it as a “feature gap” or what have you, but it’s obvious that a feature isn’t performing in the manner it should; that’s a bug and I want to report it because I’ve had too much coffee and feeling a little judgmental.

Contact me if you have a LinkedIn contact.

PS – If we’re not connected already, holler.

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