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Cool or creepy mobile app feature?
Sep 30 2011

As mentioned previously, I’ll be at SIC 2011 in Seattle in November. SIC, like many conferences is putting out an app specifically for the attendees themselves. One of the features I’m digging from a networking perspective, despite the fact it slightly reeks of stalker:

SIC and Unsocial will also provide a new social networking tool that will enable conference attendees to find key business professionals within their proximity and generate targeted conversations and meetings in real-time. Features include the ability to connect with people via integrated messaging, exchange information, and to even call each other directly if they choose to make their contact information available.

I actually like the feature. Sonar does something similar, though cannot filter specifically within the group of attendees itself.

Here’s hoping I’m stalked.*

Holler if you’ve attended a conference whose app had a similar feature.

*Knows he’s not that important.

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