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The short ‘2011 Year In Review’
Dec 31 2011

  • Bought our first house. (Luv u Homewood.)
  • Southern Miss with it’s greatest season ever, and one of it’s greatest victories ever.
  • New job, and one that’s pretty much perfect.
  • Trip to Europe, introducing Chelsea to Amsterdam’s FEBO, drinking Belgium’s beer in Brugges and Brussels, climbing the Belfry, and slamming some macaroons like a boss at Lenôtre in Paris.
  • Cruise with bros and their wives to Nassau, The Bahamas.
  • Trips to the Orange Beach. There were many, and they were fun.
  • Time with friends, because being out of your everyday lives for 4 years was painful. Being back in your everyday lives (especially at this stage) is joyful.
  • Time with family, because it’s more necessary than ever.
  • tags: # life, #list


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