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Things that should not be on your list of New Years Resolutions
Jan 3 2012

The photo above has nothing to do with anything below. I simply took it in Greenwood, Mississippi over the weekend and thought it might make you happy or sad or scared for your life.

  • Lose weight: By working out you will both gain weight (muscle) and lose weight (fatty fat). Jog around the block a couple times per week, do 50 push-ups 3 times per week, track your body fat and heart rate. You should be fine.
  • Blog more: Quality over quantity. This applies both to the number of posts your produce, as well as the amount of words in your posts.
  • Tweet more: [See: Blog more]
  • Talk less smack about rival sports team: Be funnier, thus getting your point across and losing less real life and Facebook friends.
  • Spend more time with friends: Meet new people, kick some of your dead-weight and poor-attitude high school and college friends to the curb, and spend time with the right friends. This will make people mad, though you will be happier.
  • Read more: Books are neat, but so is learning more than one thing at a time. Read more of the right things, and those which are summarized.
  • Increase your Klout score: What is Klout, again? Exactly.
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