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My fearless Tech predictions for 2012
Jan 4 2012

  • Facebook will buy Instagram and attempt not to do to it what Yahoo did to Flickr.
  • Burbn, the creators behind Instagram will launch a similar app for video.
  • Vox Media will be acquired by a major media group. Vox is awesome, and they let their writers write what they want. I do not look forward to Vox ever being acquired.
  • Path will be dubbed the “next big thing” by those in the mainstream (the techies have already christened it as such) and Path users will begin to fight Facebook users, encouraging them to abandon the site/app/entertainment source that has become their lifeblood.
  • An Android phone will knock the socks off of the iPhone 4S.
  • The iPad 3 will debut and knock the socks off the iPad 2, moving the iPad as a whole closer to an independent computer solution [read: USB port and the like that actually make us shed our laptops… and not simply talk about shedding our laptops].
  • Apple will debut the iPhone 5 which will include 2-3 features that will make the 4 and 4S like a water boy.
  • A major player (maybe a new version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire) will debut a tablet that offers Apple’s iPad its first real competition.
  • Groupon will encounter major layoffs. As of today Groupon has 8,000+ employees, and I predict that Groupon will shed 15% of its workforce by the end of 2012. Oddly, a majority of them will come from Sales, which Groupon will spin as “We already have our customer base and don’t need to ‘seek’ as much as we used to, blah blah” type of spiel.
  • Facebook will produce some piece of hardware, though it won’t be a phone or a tablet. Why? They hired lots of folks for a phone that’s rumored to have gone belly up (or at least having major issues) yet no one major individual or group has since left or been let go. [NOTE: If they launch a browser, I get half credit for this.]
  • Gawker will launch a new blog and the Gawker readers of the world will wonder how they ever lived without it; it will shutter mid-2013.
  • A TechCrunch competitor will arise from those formerly with the now useless Aol-owned technology blog. The new entrant will actually break news, actually post on topics other than mobile apps, and actual be interesting… which TechCrunch rarely is nowadays.
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