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This is my absolute worst nightmare for a “Southern Women Shop”
Jan 11 2012

If this isn’t the culmination of every cliché of every Southern women’s store in in the world, I don’t know what is. It should surprise no one that this exists in my beloved hometown of Jasper.

Let’s review:

  • Of course “Bama” is the anchor of the logo, thus influencing the business mindset overall. These women are here to succeed… Bear Bryant-style. I’m sure they’re UofA alumni.
  • Pink. Everywhere.
  • Flowers. Because, Southern girls, life = flowers.
  • I feel like they want this to be possessive (ex: Bama Girls’ Creations)… but it’s not, and that is the absolute least of my worries at this point.
  • Curlz MT font. Which means the backs of their vans most likely looks something like this.
  • A piece of clothing worked into the logo itself, and a high heel no less (bonus points).
  • Unnecessary use of a K. Why? Why a K? The word “creations” is started with a C. Should the business name have other , and Alliteration be your goal, then this would hurt my eyes less. You choice to substitute a K for a C just makes me sense subtle tones of racism in the form of a logo Easter egg. [see: KKK]
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