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Trailers of my favorite Christmas movies
posted on Dec 23 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Story

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Old School Halloween Commercials
posted on Oct 31 2012

Got into a nostalgic mood last evening and ventured into YouTube to see what 80s/90s videos I could find.




Toys R Us


Micro Machines

Honey Nut Cheerios

Freddy Krueger Hotline

Monster Marshmallows

So this MetLife commercial is awesome
posted on Feb 19 2012

Video: This (inoffensive) commercial spot was make a normal guy and was rejected by Doritos. I think it’s quite funny.
posted on Jan 4 2012

Merry GIFmas, you ol Grinch
posted on Dec 24 2011

I’ve yet to see my favorite Christmas commercial, and it’s breaking mah heart.
posted on Dec 24 2011

Merry GIFmas from the break breakfast eva
posted on Dec 10 2011

Merry GIFmas, and don’t shoot your eye out
posted on Nov 28 2011

The Target Lady commercial is the most annoying thing thus far this Christmas
posted on Nov 24 2011

Christmas Every Day kicks off November 27
posted on Nov 16 2011

I’m proud to announce that the sixth installment of the blog’s most popular feature returns in 2011, as if there was any question. It will also include a a new, simple daily feature that I’m really excited about called Merry GIFmas.

Quick bullets:
– Multiple Christmas posts everyday from November 27 through December 25.
– Videos, GIFs, pictures, stories, TV listings, etc. Lots of stuff.
– If you have any content you’d like me to post, send it along.
– I’ll still be blogging about other stuff, and with the potential of crazy things happening with Southern Miss football, I will be blogging about other stuff.

Informal Christmas commercial count
posted on Nov 6 2011

Every year it feels like Christmas gets here sooner and sooner. Advertisements account for part of that feeling.

My informal count of companies running Christmas commercials (informal = when I’m not looking at my iPhone or ranting on a message board during commercial breaks) is as follows. You’re welcome.

    Walmart (those layaway ads are awful and were running two weeks before Halloween)
    Home Depot (if you’ve watched ANY college football on November 5)
    T-Mobile (and of course everything is pink and white)

Old School Halloween Commercials Week: Toys R Us
posted on Oct 10 2011

How big a fan are you?
posted on Jul 8 2011

The other day on BigGoldNation.com (the Rivals.com site for Southern Miss) a question was posed: How “Golden Eagle” are you?

Most of the answers revolved around the shifting of wedding dates or praying that a baby wouldn’t be born on a game day.

My response is below:

“On the morning of the 2001 Southern Miss-UAB football game I split my shin open (2 1/2 inches) during an outdoor excursion. My leg was bleeding profusely, and a friend on the trip (a Registered Nurse) told me to go head to the hospital immediately; 7-8 stitches would likely be required. I opted to head to the football game, leaving a shirt sleeve tied around my upper calf acting as a sort of “Mississippi tourniquet”, bleeding into my shoe throughout the entire game… which ended in a 3-0 USM victory.

To this very day not only do I have a visible scar, but also an even more visible accompanying indention in my right shin.

Southern Miss… to the top.”

The random business links
posted on Feb 15 2011
  • Why Companies Should Insist that Employees Take Naps
  • Startup Culture Lessons From Mad Men
  • 10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces

  • Happy post-Super Bowl Monday
    posted on Feb 7 2011

  • I’ve got some sort of ear infection! Hooray!
  • Niki’s West – I had three items, all fried.
  • Bill Cosby at the BJCC. He could never be not funny to me. Love that man.
  • I predicted Packers 31-27 with Aaron Rogers throwing for 300 yards. (Actual numbers: 31-25, 304 yards)

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Jan 31 2011

    It got up to 71 degrees in Birmingham over the weekend. 71. In January.

  • Ohhhhh myyyyy I love me some This American Life. For those not familiar, it’s the greatest radio program in the history of radio programs, and Saturday night host Ira Glass presented at UAB. It was awesome, just like his show.
  • Brown’s Grocery breakfast on Saturday morning. The grease… my goodness, the grease.
  • Orphan Sunday at Gardendale First Baptist (that’s a nice new building you got there).

  • Every little bit matters
    posted on Jan 26 2011

    Kevin McAllister is not happy about his downtime.

    In 2010, Daxko’s uptime was 99.96%. This means that our systems for our users of Daxko Opperations, Daxko Accounting, and Daxko Connect were only offline for 0.04% of the entire year.

    By comparison, Amazon Web Services’ uptime was 99.95%. Amazon… AMAZON. 0.01% is 10 additional minutes of downtime.

    Make no mistake, hundreds of factors go into high availability. However, downtime is just like any other problem or pothole in business… it’s essentially unavoidable. All companies face the same challenges and can plan according to their size and scope.

    Ten minutes is a long time when you’re ordering a book or tracking a package that is set to deliver in time for someone’s birthday.

    Ten minutes is a long time. I can’t sit still for two minutes.

    Daxko was prepared for growth, traffic, and (perhaps most importantly) the unexpected in 2010. At the end of the day the companies who do just a little bit better are the ones who position themselves to be the best. 10 minutes.

    Amazon, y’all. Amazon.

    I imagine that many of us unknowingly have the same reactions while watching sports
    posted on Jan 24 2011

    The random links
    posted on Jan 20 2011
  • What a Stolen Credit Card Costs on the Digital Black Market
  • A Brief History Of Blogs
  • Favorite gif ever.

  • Old school Christmas advertisement: 7up Santa Claus cotton ball calendar
    posted on Dec 11 2010

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    As a child I thought this was genius. Like bread that slices and butters itself as it comes out of the oven.

    Add a cotton ball every day as you lead up to Christmas.