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Retro Christmas advertisements: When Don Draper is tapped to do your holiday advertisement pitch
posted on Dec 10 2010

Retro Christmas advertisements: You’ll shoot your eye out
posted on Dec 9 2010

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Actual titles of Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel
posted on Dec 8 2010

A Dog Named Christmas
Moonlight & Mistletoe
Farewell, Mr. Kringle

Target’s “Best Morning Ever” commercial might be one of my favorite Christmas commercials ever
posted on Dec 2 2010

[Note: If you like this, check out Christmas Every Day on the main page of the blog.]

Target does an insanely good job at advertising. Every commercial has this “Hey! We’re Walmart without the ‘Walmart’!” message hidden within a creative, engaging advertisement.

This ad just knocks it out of the park. The music (song title: Toy Jackpot) is fun and foot-tapping, and the storyline speaks to all ages.

Love it. Absolutely love it.

Happy post-Thanksgiving Monday
posted on Nov 29 2010

Our Thanksgiving dinner table.

Hey-o. So there was this snow storm. If you follow me on Twitter, I apologize for the insanely uneccesary barrage of ‘omg there’s snow-n-sliding cars, y’all’ posts. God only knows what my Facebook/Twitter will look like once I have a kid.

  • The snow and ice are gone. We can now leave our house without fear of slipping/falling/being hit by an out of control car.
  • All you can eat Thanksgiving lunch at Buckley’s Pub.
  • Auburn won. Good Lord, did they win.
  • Southern Miss lost. 8-4 ain’t bad.
  • Pre-Thanksgiving Monopoly!

  • The Hershey’s Kisses Handbell commercial is all that and a bag of chips
    posted on Nov 26 2010

    The only thing I love more than this commercial is the fact that Hershey’s continues to run it every year, recognizing that schmucks like me remember this commercial playing over and over as a child.

    As silly as it may sound, the season hasn’t begun until I’ve seen this commercial.

    Jasper news
    posted on Nov 2 2010
  • Jasper officials may put new offer for Wendy’s on the table
  • City bans sale of synthetic marijuana
  • The two greatest names to have ever appeared in the Daily Mountain Eagle: Opal and Clois “Poocher” Armstrong owned the Armstrong Cafe in Eldridge for 50 years.

  • Happy Halloween from Ralphie & The Leg Lamp
    posted on Oct 31 2010

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    Ever since we started gong out on Halloween in Seattle we’ve always made an effort to “match”.

    Our first three years we were TV characters, usually from whatever show had become our favorite in the months leading to Halloween.

    This year we talked about mixing it up, and during a discussion of our favorite time of the year (hellooooooo) A Christmas Story came up.

    Like many of you, A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Being Ralphie in his bunny suit and dressing Chelsea up as the “Major Award” leg lamp seemed logical (video).

    By the way, that’s an actual lamp shade with actual working lights inside. Kudos, wifey.

    2009: Eric & Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

    2008: Joan Holloway and Don Draper Pete Campbell, Mad Men

    2007: Jim and Pam, The Office

    The random links
    posted on Oct 30 2010
  • Nordstrom’s Employee Handbook — short and sweet
  • Paris vs. New York
  • Nuclear Testing 1945 – 1998

  • The random links
    posted on Oct 27 2010
  • The world’s most expensive domain names
  • Oct. 27, 1994: Web Gives Birth to Banner Ads
  • Seattle’s “comfort food” map

  • Halloweek: Hocus Pocus, I Put A Spell On You
    posted on Oct 27 2010

    Halloweek: McNuggets Halloween Commercial, 1989
    posted on Oct 26 2010

    Where the Red & Blue Wild Things Are
    posted on Oct 4 2010

    These lists, while not surprising for the most part, made me laugh. Evidently the way to unify America is through cooking and home decor.

    I couldn’t help but laugh even haerder when I realized that I visit 5 of the 9 Liberal sites each day, yet only 3 of the 11 Conservative sites. This, liberals, is the definition of open minded. (Never tell me I don’t make a concerted effort to understand your often confusing and self-conflicting views.)


      New York Magazine
      Talking Points Memo



    On my iPod
    posted on Sep 14 2010
  • Marathon by Tennis
  • That’s Life by Frank Sinatra
  • Sven-g-englar by Sigur Rós

  • All Birmingham residents are UAB fans and they don’t even know it.
    posted on Aug 26 2010

    Like the Blazers? Like Conference USA? Of course you do! Especially if you’re a Birmingham resident whose tax dollars are paying for 5,000 football tickets to UAB each year.

    The city of Birmingham is investing in the city by purchasing football tickets. Every year they buy 5,000 UAB football tickets and 1,000 Miles Collage football tickets. Birmingham City Council member Johnathan Austin says it’s to keep the teams coming to Legion Field.


    The mayor gets around 850 season tickets, the council gets around 350 season tickets and the rest get divided among city departments.

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other.
    posted on Aug 25 2010

    Article, via HBR & CNN: Why Hackers Love 8-Character Passwords

    With processors getting speedier and password-hacking software freely available on the web, the 8-letter password may soon be obsolete. Georgia Tech researchers used graphics cards to crack 8-character passwords in two hours; divining 12-character passwords, by contrast, would have taken more than 17,000 years. The researchers say any password shorter than a dozen characters could soon be vulnerable.

    Happy Monday
    posted on Aug 16 2010

  • Fried bacon at the Jolly Roger.
  • Celebration with friends on a hot, air condition-less Saturday night.
  • Brewed my first batch of beer at Gallaghers’.
  • Walking at Green Lake and trying not to act like it was hot.

  • 30 days until college football season: Southern Miss vs. Alabama – 2000
    posted on Aug 3 2010

    Branded electricity
    posted on Aug 1 2010

    If you’re reading this post from home, it means you have power. Only a “bojo” would try to access the internet without power.

    But do you have… Longhorn power?

    No? Would you like some? If you live in Texas, now you can.

    Via AdAge:

    The passion of college sports fans to buy almost anything with their favorite school’s emblem attached to it will certainly be tested with a new partnership in which the University of Texas and Texas A&M will both be selling … energy.

    Yes, energy. Branded energy.

    Crimson Tide fans would love this idea. Too bad most of them don’t have electricity. (I kid!)

    My BOYS!
    posted on Jul 9 2010

    Don’t those fellas look good?

    Great piece in the DME about Byars and Associates changes and growth.