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We went to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum and were blown away
posted on Mar 6 2012

It’s just amazing. If you’re going to take visitors to five locations in the Birmingham area, this should be in your top 3.

We also happened to be there on a day where the Porsche Sport Driving School was in session, so that added to the ambiance.

Birmingham’s Bottletree
posted on Feb 29 2012

An insaely awesome story via The Atlantic this week about Birmingham’ s beloved

The Bottletree’s commitment to hospitality and Birmingham also helps build the city’s emerging brand. “Every venue is a major ambassador for their given city,” Teasley says. “Often all a band knows is the eight hours they spend in your club… This is something that has never been lost on us.”

Birmingham was once a city to skip on tour; now, it is a must-visit destination.

Birmingham has one of the most amazing motor companies creating works in downtown. If you know nothing or little about it, read this. (@confedmotors)
posted on Jan 3 2012

That “motorcycle” pictured above? It’s made in Birmingham.

Inside a former flower shop, this team creates kinetic art, metal sculptures of museum quality that are also capable of moving more than 160 miles an hour. Critics have called the fruits of their labor “stunning,” “startling,” “sexy,” “unapologetic” and “astounding.”

The Wall Street Journal actually called their new product “perfect.”

The 5 hardest jobs to fill in 2012, and why you need to call me if you fit #1
posted on Dec 27 2011

The new year is upon us, you guys and gals. For many folks, new jobs are in the near future, especially for those in the arena of software development.

FastCompany posted an article surrounding the 5 hardest jobs to fill in 2012… and #1 is undeniably true.

Software Engineers and Web Developers
The demand for top-tier engineering talent sharply outweighs the supply in almost every market especially in San Francisco, New York, and Boston. This is a major, major pain point and problem that almost every company is facing, regardless of the technology “stack” their engineers are working on.

We (by “we” I mean Doozer) are hiring. A lot. Here’s the list. The overwhelming majority of jobs posted are for our customers throughout Birmingham and Alabama.

If you’re interested please reach out via the website and/or myself: lhowell at doozer dot com.

A story about UAB athletics that I never knew
posted on Nov 28 2011

Pulled from this forum, so you know… I’m sure it’s mostly true.

“Ok so in 1976 Arnold was in Birmingham filming the movie “Stay Hungry”. While he was here, he was working out for his movie and was given a UAB shirt, which at the time had no athletic program. Then when Arnold went back to LA/Hollywood, he frequently worked out at UCLA’s gym. There Coach Bartow who was the men’s basketball coach saw the shirt and was interested about this so called “UAB”, then in 1977 Coach Bartow leaves UCLA where he had a cush job and starts an athletic program at UAB. So Arnold is the reason we have UAB sports.”

Octane Coffee coming to Birmingham
posted on Nov 3 2011

Some news for the folks in Birmingham who appreciate quality coffee. Octane Coffee out of Atlanta will be setting up shop in Homewood, using beans roasted by the almighty Primavera. It’s going to be in the under construction building below (green arrow), in addition to The Little Donkey (a Mexican restaurant from the owners of Jim & Nick’s) and (maybe) a boutique beer store; there are conflicting stories.

View Larger Map

Hopefully Octane will be just as awesome as the West Midtown location in Atlanta. We stopped by when we were in Atlanta the other day and both the coffee and the environment were incredible.

via Bon Appetit:

This loft-style shop brews coffee in French presses, and its syrups (chocolate, caramel, and vanilla) are made in-house. To go with your coffee, try the grilled PB&J.

Happy 4th
posted on Jul 4 2011

From our front porch in Homewood, Happy 4th.

Hello, Birmingham
posted on Mar 7 2011

We finally closed/moved into the house.

We’re in Birmingham and it feels great.

Seattle in Birmingham
posted on Mar 1 2011

The J. Clyde is not only the best pub in Birmingham, it’s one of the best pubs I’ve ever visited. Now, with the inclusion of Seattle and Olympia beers on this week’s rotation, it got infinitely better.

(Side note: For those Seattle residents reading, it’s on par with Brouwer’s… one of the Top 10 pubs in the world.)

Happy super-awesome coffee Monday
posted on Feb 14 2011

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  • Found stellar coffee in Birmingham at Primavera Coffee. Should come as no surprise to those who have been. They’ve even got the small batch roaster front-of-house.
  • Visit to Vulcan with what will always be the best views of Birmingham.
  • Drinks, chocolate covered sweet potato fries, slightly hoity-toity bartenders at Flip Burger.
  • Black Swan. Never again.
  • Daxko sales happy hour at Jackson’s in Homewood.

  • Happy post-Super Bowl Monday
    posted on Feb 7 2011

  • I’ve got some sort of ear infection! Hooray!
  • Niki’s West – I had three items, all fried.
  • Bill Cosby at the BJCC. He could never be not funny to me. Love that man.
  • I predicted Packers 31-27 with Aaron Rogers throwing for 300 yards. (Actual numbers: 31-25, 304 yards)

  • The random Birmingham links
    posted on Jan 24 2011
  • Time Out, Chicago: Come for The Magic City’s history, stay for the food and indie charm.
  • Hipster’s Guide to Birmingham, AL
  • America’s 40 Best Music Venues: Workplay

  • Year In Review
    posted on Dec 29 2010

    Some blogs produce long, detailed, drawn-out posts at the end of the year. They link to multiple blog posts and photos, highlighting their favorite moments in what certainly becomes a digital public record. And you know what? Nobody reads them.

    Here’s my year in review:

  • Attended the Winter Olympics.
  • Enjoyed countless Mariner and Sounder games.
  • Drank new coffee and beer.
  • Consumed entirely too much Thai food.
  • Weekend trips to Portland, Vancouver, and Olympic National Park.
  • Fly fishing in Montana.
  • Moved across the country.
  • Started a career with a new, cutting edge company.
  • The Southern Miss Football season that could have been.

  • Home.
    posted on Dec 19 2010

    [The last photo from Seattle taken right before we headed down Queen Anne Hill, due south. I’ve never seen the rain so furious.]

    We’re here. Sweet home, Alabama.

    3,260 miles
    11 states
    6 days
    2 cars
    …and a partridge in a pear tree.

    It was a long, eventful, exciting trip. We’re home, and it feels good.

    How to survive in a post-Trader Joe’s world?
    posted on Dec 5 2010

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    Trader Joe’s is my new Chick-fil-A. One is America’s premier non-drive thru, the other is America’s premier market. Affordable, delicious groceries and wine… ugh, I’m gonna miss you.

    Chelsea looked at me during the SEC Championship Game and said, “We’re driving to Atlanta once a month to go to Trader Joe’s.” I’d argue with her if I didn’t agree.

    Once-per-month trips to Trader Joe’s? Might as well swing by H&M on the way.

    We’re moving to Birmingham
    posted on Nov 30 2010

    Trading the Space Needle for Vulcan’s magnificent buns of iron. Seriously, he is a physical specimen to admire.

    I’ve accepted a job with a Birmingham-based software company. Chelsea and I will be residents by December 19.

    Moving back to The South has always been a goal for Chelsea and me long before we were married. Chelsea moved to Los Angeles in 2005 right after college. I moved to Seattle in September 2006, convincing Chelsea to get her own place in Seattle in 2007 when we started dating again.

    Birmingham is an amazing city and there’s never been a better time to be a resident. Home to one of the best restaurants, best pubs, and best music venues in America, it doesn’t lack in culture. An international hub for physical therapy and health care for years, it’s also home to one of the fastest growing small business/technology incubators in America.

    An afternoon drive takes you to the beach or the mountains, Atlanta or Nashville, the lake or the plains. Birmingham is big enough to feel big, small enough without feeling too small, and it’s the perfect place to start our family. I absolutely love this city.

    To top it off, we’re closer to many of you. At this point in our life having friends and family within arms reach seems almost a foreign concept, and that’s not ok. We like you.

    So, we’re pumped. Very.

    As excited as we are to move to Birmingham, we’re equally as sad to leave Seattle. Seattle will get many posts over the next few days. This city has been amazing in both the experiences it provided and the people we’ve come to call close friends. For the rest of our lives we’ll find any excuse possible to visit.

    For now, we plan and pack, and listen to a Randy Newman classic. So you in three weeks.

    Happy post-Jasper Monday
    posted on Oct 25 2010

    In Seattle, only one day in September had temperatures above 80 degrees. Needless to say it was a bit of a shock to land in Birmingham, but a pleasant visit nonetheless. The nights were chilly and ideal for football.

  • Dinner with John, Matt, and Andy in Five Points on Friday.
  • I dug through old boxes which Aaron and I used to keep our childhood knickknacks (it’s weird to see that word spelled out). How my. Some goods that will require their own post.
  • Walker vs. Curry on television? Incredible. Amazing. Yes, please. Broadcast to the Birmingham metropolitan area no less.
  • Pumpkin carving. It went on, but don’t look to me for results I can claim.
  • A full day of watching football with the family. How bout that Cam Newton?
  • Completely unnecessary late night trip to Walmart. Worth every second.
  • Church at Dawson Memorial Baptist of Sunday.

  • I love this photo
    posted on Oct 13 2010

    Condoleezza Rice (for many reasons that can be detailed in a slew of blog posts) is one of my favorite people in the political realm.

    NPR posted a 7 minute conversation with her, and this awesome photo from the White House during a family trip to Washington, D.C.

    All Birmingham residents are UAB fans and they don’t even know it.
    posted on Aug 26 2010

    Like the Blazers? Like Conference USA? Of course you do! Especially if you’re a Birmingham resident whose tax dollars are paying for 5,000 football tickets to UAB each year.

    The city of Birmingham is investing in the city by purchasing football tickets. Every year they buy 5,000 UAB football tickets and 1,000 Miles Collage football tickets. Birmingham City Council member Johnathan Austin says it’s to keep the teams coming to Legion Field.


    The mayor gets around 850 season tickets, the council gets around 350 season tickets and the rest get divided among city departments.

    Reg’s Coffeehouse, no more
    posted on Feb 15 2010

    Catherine Gail’s twitter update caught my attention yesterday, and AL.com referenced the potential change, complete with the final minutes.

    Reg’s Coffeehouse has been playing incredible music in Birmingham for years. Music that, let’s be honest might not have been played in Birmingham otherwise. Good, non-pop music from artists that in the pre-internet or even early-internet days most people would not have access to within the Deep South.

    For those looking for a suitable Sunday morning replacement, or a replacement for great music in general, KEXP will do the trick. Look for free songs-of-the-day, live sessions, and DJ mixes on iTunes.