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5 Hour Kill-Over
posted on Dec 9 2007

We’re on the Atlanta tarmac, about to fly home to Seattle for a nice 1:27 AM arrival. Since I have work (don’t we all) bright ‘n early tomorrow, and I’ve had a nice (full) weekend, I won’t have the opportunity to throw up any posts for Monday.

For all those in Clinton that we were able to bump into this weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed your company (unless we hate you, then, we were just being two-faced) and were reminded once again of why Mississippi, as well as the Mississippi College family holds such a special place in our hearts. (Cheesey… I know.)

Congratulations to David Thompson and Elizabeth Gibbons [Thompson!] on beginning their new life together. The wedding was amazing and the music was incredible.

Ok. Time for take-off. Y’all have a grand Monday (2 weeks ’til Christmas. TWO WEEKS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS!!!)

Blogging From My Cellphone: Real Men Cry
posted on Nov 29 2006

Blame it on the 20 degree winds… or blame it on the obvious, but you can’t help but tear-up when you visit the scene of a nation’s tragedy.

I just left the Oklahoma National Memorial for the April 19, 1995 bombing of Murrah Federal Building.


While most of us were young at the time, I know it still stands out just as vividly in your minds as it does mine.

There were very few guests on this chilly morn, so I basically had the entire memorial as well as the museum to myself. This made for an even more sureal feel to the moment.

I’ve since snagged a shake, fries, and burger from the famous Braum’s of Oklahoma… it was so insanely delicious that it made me tear-up as well.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to leave the great state of Oklahoma before this place turns into an ice cube. It’s been raining all day, and it ain’t getting any warmer.

…I think Carrie Underwood is trying to pass me on the Interstate.

I’m Here
posted on Sep 2 2006

I just drove 14 hours straight.

I made pretty good time through Montana and decided to make the trek all the way to Seattle. It’s about 2 AM here as I’m typing this.

I’m freaking exhausted.

I just met 2 of my 3 roomies. Very cool. Very down to Earth. Very clean. And they’ve welcomed me into the nicest house in one of the best nieghborhoods in town.

They’re both originally from Orange County, California. I’ll tell you more about them later.

Alright… it’s been a long week, so I’m headed to bed on my air matress. It’s actually quite nice.

Have a great Labor Day everybody!

Blogging From My Cellphone: Who’s Your Daddy?
posted on Apr 15 2006

Leave it to me to do some blogging from the beach. But it’s late, everybody’s in bed, and I’ve been up doing some theological reading, which quickly leads to theological thinking.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I get creeped out whenever Christians refer to God as “Daddy” or “Papa” or any other Earthly reference commonly used for father figures.

“Father” and “Father God” don’t bother me. I mean, God *is* the Father and his role over us is father-like. But I don’t know if God should serve as a replacement for our Earthly father figures.

One’s need to establish relationship with a father figure is a necessary one… but some people do it in very peculliar ways.

Having dated my share of girls with “daddy issues”, I’ve been privy to both verbal and nonverbal “daddy didn’t love me” moments where my inner voice says: “Run Landon! RUN!”

I once heard a girl say, “I never knew my real father… so God is now my Daddy!”

Whatever floats your boat, sweetheart.

Refering to God as a father isn’t at all Biblically incorrect. Jesus himself told us that, “…no one comes to the Father except by me.” However, constant references by Christians to God as a father figure simply reveal other inner insecurities these individuals posses.

I believe that since God is God, He sends father figures to those with a parental void. Keep in mind, my mother lost her father at a very young age. However, she has been surrounded by respectable men if faith since that point to guide her throughout her life.

God did that.

Where the spiritual touch of God ends, the physical touch of fellow believers begins.

If calling the Almighty God – the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Alpha and Omega, the Great “I Am” – if calling him “Daddy” is your thing… by all means, go for it. However, do it in a way that is glorifying to His name, and not in an obvious attempt to scratch your inner “orphan itch”, so-to-speak.

But be forewarned: It creeps most people out.

Blogging from my Cellphone: Chicago
posted on Feb 13 2006

I’m just a few minutes from boarding my plane to London. I had a nice little 3-hour layover at Chicago O’Hare.

I’d be lying if I said that it hadn’t crossed my mind to hop the ‘El Train’ into town to grab a slice of deepdish pizza at Gino’s East or Girdano’s. But I wasn’t in the mood to take a chance.

Some highlights from O’Hare…

– At one point I was surrouned by approximately 75 Asian kids, all in matching athletic outfits, who were on their way home to Seoul, Korea. I didn’t understand one word they said.

– The guy in front of me on the escalator farted.

– I used what is quite possibly the smallest toilet ever invented by man. I felt like I was sitting on a coffee can.

– A cutie with a Blackberry caught eyes with me as I was playing with my Treo at lunch today. I could tell she was upset about 2 things: 1) She doesn’t have a Treo.
2) Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and she doesn’t have me.

We’re boarding… I’m out… expect to hear something by 3:00 PM tomorrow.


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Blogging from my Cellphone: From the Movie Theater
posted on Feb 11 2006

John Byars and Kristy Beall remembered that I could blog via cellphone… hence the post from the Rave Movie Theater in Hoover, in what is my last funfilled Saturday night before I depart.

We are getting ready to watch Final Destination 3. Time will tell if this is a good movie, but it will be scary nonetheless.

We ate dinner at the Cajun Steamer at Patton Creek in Hoover… which is now one of my favorite places in the B’ham metro-area. Authentic cajun cuisine… and our waiter looked like Donny Osmond (sp?).

Alright… previews are starting. Sadly, they are always my favorite part of any movie.

Blogging from my Cellphone: In Bed, Sick
posted on Feb 7 2006

I realize how very sad this must appear, seeing that usually my cellphone blogging is coming from somewhere interesting… like the Mississippi Gulf Coast or the parking deck of the Galleria in Hoover. However, I’m sick… and I’m pretty sure that I’ve taken more than twice the recommended dosage that Robitussin (sp?) told me to take.

Although, I did want to mention that I hopped in bed tonight at what I believe is a record for the past the past 12 months: 10:10 PM

If you know me well, you know this is quite an accomplishment, seeing as I hate sleeping.

(My usual time falls somewhere between 1:45 & 2:50… give-or-take 30 minutes)

Hopefully, when I awake I will have full remembrance of this cellphone blogging. Until then, send me “Get Well Soon” text messages.

By the way… I’m coming to Jackson this weekend.

Blogging From My Cellphone: Oklahoma… OK!
posted on Jan 29 2006

Just finished visiting Miss Jennifer Wyckoff in Norman, Oklahoma… home of the Sooners.

Last night a group of us sat outside of a restaurant just off campus and raved about the perfect 70 degree weather we were experiencing. Yet today we awoke to rain, wind, and a temperature of 35 degrees… what a difference a day makes.

I’m headed to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial real quick before I scoot (sp?) out of town to brave the land they call “Kansas.”

Should be fun… though I won’t get to sing a song about Kansas as I did with Oklahoma when I passed the state line.

“Oooooooooooklahoma, where wind comes (something, something, something)!!!”

Blogging from my Cellphone: Live from the Mississippi Gulf Coast – Update
posted on Jan 16 2006

I’m sick to my stomach. Even though construction is going on 24/7, the destruction would blow your mind.

I know it sounds cliche… but you have to see it to fully comprehend it.

Pictures tomorrow.

Blogging from my Cellphone: Live from the Mississippi Gulf Coast
posted on Jan 16 2006

Within the next 5 minutes I’ll be eye witness to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina…

Another entry soon…