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This Stumptown Coffee video is a perfect example of how they turned people like me into coffee drinkers
posted on Jan 17 2013

Octane Coffee coming to Birmingham
posted on Nov 3 2011

Some news for the folks in Birmingham who appreciate quality coffee. Octane Coffee out of Atlanta will be setting up shop in Homewood, using beans roasted by the almighty Primavera. It’s going to be in the under construction building below (green arrow), in addition to The Little Donkey (a Mexican restaurant from the owners of Jim & Nick’s) and (maybe) a boutique beer store; there are conflicting stories.

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Hopefully Octane will be just as awesome as the West Midtown location in Atlanta. We stopped by when we were in Atlanta the other day and both the coffee and the environment were incredible.

via Bon Appetit:

This loft-style shop brews coffee in French presses, and its syrups (chocolate, caramel, and vanilla) are made in-house. To go with your coffee, try the grilled PB&J.

This video makes me laugh because it’s true, not necessarily because it’s funny
posted on Oct 5 2011