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These are actual quotes from Ellis Johnson on the day he was hired at Southern Miss
posted on Nov 24 2012

“As I take over this program, I’m looking for something that’s never been done before,” […] “Frankly, there’s very little left. It’s intimidating, but it’s also challenging.”

“Southern Miss is special, from the time I worked here, it has held a special place in my heart. It’s a place where I am convinced you can always be successful.”

“I want to take Southern Miss to a BCS bowl game and win it.”

This is an actual quote from Ellis Johnson’s Monday presser
posted on Oct 22 2012

“If we ever win a ball game, that first win, these are going to be difficult kids to handle – we’re going to have to get their focus back.”


My favorite Southern Miss quote
posted on Sep 4 2012

Woo-boy. Saturday was not fun. This moment was fun. This moment was also fun. As was this one… but that’s about it.

Tuesday morning our athletic director posted to Facebook my favorite quote about Southern Miss. It’s from Mickey Spagnola’s Clarion Ledger article on the Sunday morning after the upset win over Alabama in 1982. The win ended Bear Bryan’t 57-game home sinning streak, and it was Bear Bryant’s final game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

“If you are going to war and if you get to pick first, choose Southern Mississippi. Always choose Southern Mississippi. No matter how hard you fight, these folks will fight harder.”

The Invention of the American Football Helmet
posted on Apr 11 2012

Ellis Johnson takes a shot at Larry Fedora in the most sly of ways and I like it
posted on Mar 20 2012

From Patrick Magee’s blog:

“I told them at the end of practice today, ‘If we’re going to do something a little different here that no other team has done, we’re going to have to take it an extra step. A lot of teams have won the conference championship here. A lot of teams have double digit wins. About the only thing they haven’t done is get in a BCS game. If you want to get in, you have to beat some teams that are better than us on paper and we’re going to have to quit losing to teams that we have better players than. The way to do it is get more consistent and disciplined with fundamentals and assignments and those types of things.’ I love the competitiveness and the team speed. We’ve got a lot to build on.”

Reading between the lines: You can’t beat Houston and lose to UAB in the same year and still demand respect and a seat at the BCS table.

Tommy West enjoys Southern Miss more than Memphis (and other obvious take on life)
posted on Mar 6 2012

[A Southern Miss web banner currently running on Mississippi new sites.]

Many Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans simply enjoy a giving a good ribbing toward Southern Miss fans because that’s what fans do.

There are the small minority who feel a little more strongly. They’s point to the 36,000 seat stadium, the association with Conference USA, the poor basketball facilities. But it’s getting harder and harder to mock what has and is being accomplished. No one can deny what the football program has done, especially over the last 18 years where every season resulted in a winning record, the school has been to 10-straight bowl games and won 5 conference championships (the most of any C-USA member). Tack on the consistent success of the baseball program and the resugence of the basketball program and Southern Miss’ “All We Do Is Win” motto stands for itself.

The Hattiesburg American recently interviewed defensive coordinator Tommy West and offensive coordinator Rickey Bustle:

“The good thing about here is this is a football place,” West said. “These guys came here to be good in football.

“I kind of see now there’s a great mentality here about winning – whether it’s baseball or basketball. It’s nice being a part of this. It reminds me a little bit of when I was at Clemson. They really don’t just expect to win, they expect to be really good. I feel that here.”

West admitted it was a very different scenario when he took over as head coach at Memphis in 2001.

“The bar was really low,” he said. “It was ‘Man, if we could ever just go to a bowl game,’ because they hadn’t been to one in 30-something years.

“We go to five bowls in our last seven years and get fired. So we moved the bar.”

Rick Cleveland brings it home. (cc @rick_cleveland)
posted on Feb 12 2012

For someone that Ole Miss fans paint as a Mississippi Stater, he sure has Southern Miss’ back in this conference realignment fiasco.

If winning counted for anything, the Big East would have invited Southern Miss instead of Memphis, Central Florida, SMU and Houston, the teams the Big East raided from Conference USA. Let’s put it this way: USM’s all-time record against those four schools stands at 58-27, including 40-21 against Memphis. In fact, USM’s record against all Big East teams stands 86-45-1. Yet, under current rules, the Big East champion gets an automatic BCS Bowl bid while USM plays in a conference that does not.

The truest statement from the expansion of the Big East
posted on Feb 9 2012

I don’t agree with the sunshine-pumping as a whole found in this article, but this is statement that pretty much sums up the new Big East.

“…while the real C-USA and MWC invent a league with a concept that never had been conceived, the Big East re-invents itself as the faux Conference USA.”

(How I missed this, I’ll never know.) Hitler reacts to Southern Miss’ bowl selection.
posted on Jan 16 2012

227 days until college football season.
posted on Jan 16 2012

But who’s counting?

[via IWDRM]

Good ESPN segment on college football oversigning
posted on Jan 12 2012

Les Miles looks bad in this. Can his week get any worse?

Deadspin’s quote on Southern Miss pretty much sums up my feelings about the 2011 season.
posted on Jan 11 2012


10. Southern Miss (12-2) Previous rank: 8
The Golden Eagles beat Nevada, 24-17, in the Hawaii Bowl. A stunning upset victory for the conference championship, a bowl-game win, and a free trip to Honolulu—how many teams had a better year than that, really?

LSU’s game plan revealed by an insider
posted on Jan 11 2012

A visual guide to College Football Scandals since 2000
posted on Jan 11 2012

Final Edition of the Annual “Hey Guys! We’re Down Here!!!”
posted on Jan 10 2012

A year in review will come soon, but for now, we simply enjoy this: Mississippi’s only Top 25 team.

Kick off versus #24 Nebraska is in 235 days.

Southern Miss wore 6 different styles of helmets in 2011. Take that, Oregon.
posted on Dec 30 2011

Games 1-3

Games 4-6

Games 7-9

Games 10-12

Conference USA Championship Game vs. Houston

Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl vs. Nevada

Ultimate homerism: Southern Miss had the most dynamic Defense and Special Teams of the 2011 college football season. I swear.
posted on Dec 28 2011

Southern Miss’ Defense broke a 40 year-old FBS record in 2011 with 8 interceptions returned for touchdowns, meaning that of their 18 interceptions (tied for 5th in FBS) almost half became a Pick 6. However, these stats only speak to part of the craziness that was the 2011 season. (Why “crazy”? Because, really, who loses to UAB only to turn around and defeat #6 Houston two weeks later?)

Overall, 25 different Southern Miss players scored touchdowns in 2011. I’ve cataloged the Defensive and Special Teams touchdowns below. On a “Crazy Scale” (official NCAA scientific terminology?) of 1-5… 1 being “Kinda Crazy, Bro” and 5 being “Very Crazy, Bro”… I’ve rated the following Southern Miss Defense and Special Teams stats from their 14 games of 2011.

The most mind-blowing (are mid-majors allowed to use that term?) game of all has to be the East Carolina, who was at one point down 21-7 to USM without Southern Miss having scored a single Offensive touchdown.

Individual games stats and videos below.

  • 8 interceptions returned for TDs (FBS record) [Crazy scale of 5]
  • 2 fake punts out of their own end zone for gains of 29 and 31-yards respectively [Crazy scale of 5]
  • 3 blocked punts for TDs [Crazy scale of 4]
  • 1 blocked FG returned for a TD [Crazy scale of 2]
  • 1 fake field goal for a TD [Crazy scale of 1]
  • 1 fumble returned for a TD [Crazy scale of 1]
  • 1 punt returned for a TD [Crazy scale of 1]
  • Southern Miss vs SELA
    Korey Williams 60-yard interception return for TD
    Octavius Thomas 6-yard interception return for TD

    Southern Miss vs Virginia
    Danny Hrapmann fake Punt out of own end zone for 31-yard gain

    Southern Miss vs Rice
    Marquese Wheaton 96-yard fumble return for TD

    Southern Miss at Navy
    Marquese Wheaton 79-yard blocked field goal return for TD

    Southern Miss vs SMU
    Marquese Wheaton 41-yard interception return for TD

    Southern Miss at East Carolina
    Jamie Collins 97-yard interception return for TD
    Tracy Lampley 60-yard punt return for TD
    Emmanuel Johnson 15-yard blocked punt return for TD
    Deron Wilson 79-yard interception return for TD

    Southern Miss at UAB
    Fake FG for TD – Ryan Hanks 10 yd pass from Peter Boehme

    Southern Miss vs Memphis
    Deron Wilson 35-yard interception return
    Kendrick Presley 100-yard interception return for TD

    Southern Miss at Houston [C-USA Championship Game]
    Furious Bradley 11-yard blocked punt return
    Ronnie Thornton 26-yard interception return

    Southern Miss vs Nevada [Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl]
    Tray Becton-Martin 0-yard blocked punt for TD
    Danny Hrapmann fake Punt out of own end zone for 29-yard gain

    Some clips below.

    The LSU Football Team would like to sing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer for you
    posted on Dec 24 2011

    Southern Miss is getting the hang of this trolling thing
    posted on Dec 22 2011

    The homepage at USM.edu.

    Dana Holgorsen used to coach at Mississippi College. His thoughts on off-season work around campus?
    posted on Dec 22 2011

    Entering as a freshman in 1999, I barely missed being on campus with West Virginia’s current head coach Dana Holgorsen. I parked next to the stadium every day while I was an employee from 2003-2005, and would give a pretty penny to spot Dana pulling weeds next to my Pontiac Grand Am.

    Holgorsen had worked at Valdosta State for three years when Mississippi College called Mumme in 1996 and wanted to hire someone from his staff to help implement his Air Raid offense. Mumme recommended Holgorsen and told him to take the job, which was to coach quarterbacks, wide receivers and special teams.

    When Mumme became coach at Kentucky a year later, he again took Leach with him and wanted to hire Holgorsen but never did. When Leach left the Wildcats in 1999 to become offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, he too wanted Holgorsen to go with him but couldn’t work it out.

    While Mumme and Leach had hit the big time of college football, Holgorsen continued to toil in obscurity at Mississippi College and then at Wingate University, where he coached quarterbacks and wide receivers in 1999, another job for which Mumme had recommended him. At times, he wondered about his future, especially when he and the other football coaches at Mississippi College had to plant shrubs and flowers around campus during the summers.

    “That was bulls**t,” Holgorsen says. “I was pissed.”

    [story via FSN]
    [image via GIFUMILIATION]