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Try on clothes on your phone
posted on Jul 1 2012

The New York Times’ Bits Blog discussing the mobile phone success of Gilt Groupe, a personal favorite of your truly.

The new version of the Gilt app will also include the option to try on apparel, he said. An iPhone user could take a picture of himself and upload it through the app. The software will digitally edit the photo so it appears as though the item is on his body. This could be useful to see if, for example, a pair of glasses is suitable for your face.

You will probably want these shoes by the end of the video.
posted on Feb 27 2012

Red Wing Handsewn Collection | Made in Maine from Red Wing Heritage on Vimeo.

Dig Tim’s style
posted on Nov 2 2010

Tim Lincecum showed up for Game 7 in style.
Some poke fun, but I dig, man. I dig.

Question of the Day: Casual Friday
posted on Sep 12 2007


    I actually like dressing-up to go to work… but if you could wear anything to work, what would you wear?

Seen On A T-Shirt
posted on Jul 10 2007

It read:

    Being vague is not as much fun as doing other things.

This Isn’t My Size…
posted on Apr 9 2007

You ever been out shopping for clothes and suddenly realized you’ve wandered into the wrong section?

…yeah, me too.

posted on Mar 5 2007

Please look at the uniforms that some of the NCAA basketball teams will be wearing over the next week.


The Random Links
posted on Aug 21 2006
  • I love Ralph Lauren Polo shirts… but not this much
  • Purdy parking lot
  • 20 reasons why College Football is better than the NFL
  • Forget waiting for the rolling TV Guide channel… their website is much better
  • Around the World Plane Tickets Starting at $999
  • Old School Nike Air Stabs
  • I love this new ad by Coke
  • If you’ve never seen this clip, it’s a dig by Scrubs at Grey’s Anatomy

  • Old Navy, New Commercial
    posted on May 24 2006

    Anybody else besides me just love this new Old Navy commercial?

    The only one I could find was this one… with fart effects.


    Question of the Day: Being Southern
    posted on May 22 2006

    I love being southern – love it. I also love being from the south.

    There’s a difference between the two.

    People who live in the south have a house above Florida, below Illinois, and east of Nebraska.

    People who are southern, on the other hand, are always friendly, they eat fried chicken, love football season and are always looking for an excuse to grill-out with friends. We call ourselves “Southerners.”

    However, southerners also dress differently – most of the time we do it in a good way.

    Now, I’m not talking about cowboy boots or Dale Earnhardt t-shirts. I’m talking about stuff we wore to class during college, stuff we wear out on Saturday night, etc etc etc.

    Question of the Day:

      What are some must-have southern clothing items and accessories for both guys and girls?

    Random Reading
    posted on Feb 6 2006

    Some articles of interest from the last few days…

  • The “Google Guy’s” credit card denied
  • Fashion Week coverage by Paige DeAngelo here and here.
  • Florida City May Stop Hiring Smokers
  • Cindy Sheehan’s Abundant First Amendment Rights
  • NYC Subways wired for cellphones

  • Defining Your World: Muffin Tops
    posted on Dec 14 2005

    This should have been my first ‘Defining Your World‘ entry… because it’s just too classic.

    Muffin Tops: When excess skin seeps over the waist-line of garments due to lower-body-attire that is a little too tight and/or tops that are a little too small.