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Fancred Is Live
posted on Mar 13 2013

After months of building, it’s here. Download it now.

The Microsoft smartphone from 1991
posted on Apr 13 2012

Microsoft almost invented the smartphone… in 1991

Yes… I will do everything in my power to get some Google Glasses
posted on Apr 4 2012

More computer monitors means more productivity. [Note: “More” is highly subjective and basically results in 15 minutes per day.]
posted on Feb 13 2012

How many monitors do you have at home of at work?

At work I have 3, technically.
– Laptop
– Monitor hooked to laptop
– iPhone

I mention my iPhone because I use it as a notification device for news and information that many dedicate a single monitor to. Seriously, it buzzes all day long and is ridiculously annoying, which I’m sure reverses any productivity it might otherwise provide.

Also, I should note that when the iPad 3 (or whatever the heck they’ll call it… “iPad HD”??) is released next month I’m slapping one of these suckers to my monitor for a more improved viewing experience.

Gizmodo wrote a short piece on a NYT article. The learnings?

Anderson has calculated that it can save about 10 seconds for every five minutes of work if you have a dual-monitor set-up. Over the course of an eight hour day, that’s a saving of, oooh, 15 minutes.

Wish List: The TV from Back To The Future II is here, y’all
posted on Jan 12 2012

More product reviews need to be as simple, concise, and honest as this. Kudos, @Verge.
posted on Jan 4 2012

Wish List: Microphone touch audio interface thingy
posted on Jan 3 2012

The most awesome tailgating invention that I never knew existed
posted on Nov 20 2011

Best Error 404 page ever
posted on Nov 8 2011

[via imgur]

Guy posted on @reddit that he’s been auditioning for 3 years and this was his first acting gig. He says “Huh?”
posted on Nov 7 2011

The only bad thing about this video is that we’ll be dead by the time it all comes to fruition
posted on Oct 27 2011

Robots are going to take over the world one rubik’s cube at a time
posted on Oct 19 2011

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod
posted on Oct 5 2011

Watched this yesterday prior to the iPhone 4S announcement.

Your iPhone 4S video
posted on Oct 4 2011

Any of you mobile app developers and designers are gonna love this
posted on Oct 2 2011

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Web Browser stencils. The coolest geeky thing you’ll buy this week.

Cool or creepy mobile app feature?
posted on Sep 30 2011

As mentioned previously, I’ll be at SIC 2011 in Seattle in November. SIC, like many conferences is putting out an app specifically for the attendees themselves. One of the features I’m digging from a networking perspective, despite the fact it slightly reeks of stalker:

SIC and Unsocial will also provide a new social networking tool that will enable conference attendees to find key business professionals within their proximity and generate targeted conversations and meetings in real-time. Features include the ability to connect with people via integrated messaging, exchange information, and to even call each other directly if they choose to make their contact information available.

I actually like the feature. Sonar does something similar, though cannot filter specifically within the group of attendees itself.

Here’s hoping I’m stalked.*

Holler if you’ve attended a conference whose app had a similar feature.

*Knows he’s not that important.

Kindle kompetitor komparison
posted on Sep 28 2011

[via Gizmodo]

Google brags about not being #1
posted on Sep 24 2011

Despite the fact that Android devices are significantly outpacing iPhones, and ad impressions are higher than the iPhone, somehow the iPhone leads mobile search:

While Google continues to crow about Android market share, it’s got to be pretty embarrassing for them to testify under oath that iOS owns their mobile search traffic.

Nobody ‘Like’ this guy’s speech? No?
posted on Jul 6 2011

A screenshot a took during Mark Zuckerberg’s July 6 announcement from Facebook HQ in Palo Alto.

There is one individual making eye contact with the creator and curator of one of the most influential website of the last 10. See red arrow… that’s the only lady not glued to her MacBook keys, reporting to the twitter and blog-reading masses.

Oh… and one girl on the left who had just taken a picture of Markie Z and was, I assume, uploading it to Facebook.

Some free iPhone wallpapers
posted on Jun 30 2011

So I got this idea around 11:59 PM night before last. I thought it would be fun to take some of my photos and turn them into iPhone wallpaper. (It’s not overly complicated but I’m going to make it sound difficult so that you’ll be like “awww, that was nice of him” but it really wasn’t that hard.)

They’re here. They’re free. Take as many as you like.