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Even if Google+ succeeds, here’s why it will fail
posted on Apr 12 2012

How Pinterest Could Save Google

Yes, Google+ has 170 million users. But how many of them actually use it is another matter entirely. The social network’s Circle-centric design works too well for its own good; it’s easy to keep private stuff private on Google+, which makes everyone act like information hermits, leaving newcomers with a ghost town.

Yes… I will do everything in my power to get some Google Glasses
posted on Apr 4 2012

I told you that Google would do this. “This” = an extremely vague way of saying “anything.”
posted on Mar 6 2012

Regarding my article on The Digital from Monday, March 6:

>Don’t be surprised if Google and/or Microsoft and/or someone else look to rain on Apple’s parade this week. Making impromptu big announcements around the same time as someone else’s scheduled big announcement is a time honored tradition in the tech industry. Just last week Apple sent our its cryptic iPad 3 announcement invitations just as Google CE Eric Schmidt took the stage at the Mobile World Conference in Spain.

And today, exactly 24 hours before the iPad 3 announcement (actually, I was also sorta correct in that it’s rumored to be the iPad HD) Google announces Google Play. It’s Google’s answer to Apple’s iTunes and iCloud.

Google killed 7 services this month… 6 yesterday.
posted on Nov 23 2011

…and they are…

    Google Bookmarks Lists
    Google Friend Connect
    Google Gears
    Google Search Timeline
    Google Wave
    Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal

If you were one of the world’s richest and were speaking at a conference, you’d totally wear Crocs, right?
posted on Oct 20 2011

Sergey did.

Chime.in has an ugly logo, but an interesting interest page
posted on Oct 18 2011

Not tech. Google.

Google brags about not being #1
posted on Sep 24 2011

Despite the fact that Android devices are significantly outpacing iPhones, and ad impressions are higher than the iPhone, somehow the iPhone leads mobile search:

While Google continues to crow about Android market share, it’s got to be pretty embarrassing for them to testify under oath that iOS owns their mobile search traffic.

You can always change.
posted on Sep 22 2011

This week we’re finalizing our logo for our new online software. All people will never agree on anything, much less a logo. That’s just business. That’s just life.

However, I’m reminded of Google’s godawful first logo, and the changes since.

You can always change down the road.

Google’s first logo (1998 – May 30, 1999)

Google’s second logo (May 31, 1999 – May 5, 2010)

Google’s third logo (May 6, 2010 – Present)

Google. You’re so subtle.
posted on Sep 21 2011

A morning of dot-com bliss
posted on Apr 4 2011

Daxko was a partner at the CalSAE conference in Monterey, California. Nick (Daxko Connect’s product expert) and I spent Saturday morning driving around Silicon Valley on the hunt for some of our favorite dot-coms, Facebook and Google being the main interest.

Sweet Moses, it was perfect.

I’ve driven through Mountain View, Cupertino, Palo Alto, before, but that was long before the web fully took shape.

First, much looks just like any other town you’ve visited. Strip malls and office parks, all of which are unassuming until you see ‘Loopt’ or ‘LinkedIn’ on the side of the building.

Second, you drive past Facebook and never know you passed anything special. We did. Twice.

Third, you cannot drive past Google without knowing you passed anything special. There are signs of the Googleplex long before you reach the main building. ‘Google St’ for example is a not so subtle sign.

“Sometimes, a great idea is just a few good ideas meeting for the first time.”
posted on Jan 5 2010

A great quote from the Google Nexus One press conference.

[thanks to Gizmodo for catching this slide]

The Difference Between Google & Microsoft
posted on Dec 2 2009

8 Google Wave Invitations
posted on Nov 24 2009

I have 8 Google Wave invitations. Contact me if you’d like one. First come, first serve.

Google’s Free Christmas WiFi
posted on Nov 12 2009

By now you’ve heard. Here’s the list.

For Birmingham residents, have no fear: Birmingham’s airport is so awesome, the city itself provides free wifi all year round.

posted on Sep 22 2009

Why are so many Googlers leaving the company? One reason…

Other companies try really hard to hire Googlers, so they offer them lots of money and great titles. Former VP of ad sales Tim Armstrong had a great, comfortable gig at Google. But then Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes asked him to become CEO of AOL, and offered up to $50 million in stock options. He had to jump at it.

posted on Jan 29 2009

Ever wonder why employees would ever leave Google? Here’s swiped internal discussions from former Googlers.

Google & LIFE Magazine
posted on Dec 10 2008

My new favorite local blog as of late (Vintage Seattle) pointed me to an interesting Google/LIFE Magazine feature now available:

    Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.

Interesting Google Earth Finds
posted on Sep 16 2008

Great screen shots of things spotted on Google Earth.

Google Trends
posted on Aug 13 2008

Find out what people are searching at this very moment.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener
posted on Jul 7 2008

Even the almighty workplace at Google isn’t perfect.

One dude has left the 1,000-resumes-a-day office of Google Seattle to go back to Microsoft, and he’s telling everyone about it on his blog.