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Happy super-awesome coffee Monday
posted on Feb 14 2011

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  • Found stellar coffee in Birmingham at Primavera Coffee. Should come as no surprise to those who have been. They’ve even got the small batch roaster front-of-house.
  • Visit to Vulcan with what will always be the best views of Birmingham.
  • Drinks, chocolate covered sweet potato fries, slightly hoity-toity bartenders at Flip Burger.
  • Black Swan. Never again.
  • Daxko sales happy hour at Jackson’s in Homewood.

  • Happy post-Super Bowl Monday
    posted on Feb 7 2011

  • I’ve got some sort of ear infection! Hooray!
  • Niki’s West – I had three items, all fried.
  • Bill Cosby at the BJCC. He could never be not funny to me. Love that man.
  • I predicted Packers 31-27 with Aaron Rogers throwing for 300 yards. (Actual numbers: 31-25, 304 yards)

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Jan 17 2011

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    We’re back from a cruise, and I’m sick! Woo-hoo, Monday!

  • Cruise 2011 on the Carnival Fascination with Chelsea and 6 other college or collegiate-related friends.
  • Half Moon Cay
  • Nassau
  • There an always-open pizza and ice cream bar on the ship. I gained no less than 33 lbs over the course of five days.

  • Happy (New Year) Monday
    posted on Jan 2 2011

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    Are we all back at work yet? I hope so. I started my new job two weeks ago. It’s tough being on cloud nine while everybody around just wants to go home and enjoy Christmas. Now… we’re back at work, and I can continue to be giddy.

  • Orange Beach for New Years with the in-laws at The Wharf.
  • Realized that Waffle House is to Chelsea what Chick-fil-A is to me.
  • Lots of football. Chelsea asked her father and myself (after almost a full day of college football on the television), “Don’t you ever get tired of watching football?” “No.” we immediately replied.

  • Happy last-week-in-Seattle Monday
    posted on Dec 6 2010

  • Snowflake Lane 2010
  • Happy hour with Kim & Colin at the Waterfront Seafood Grill.
  • Southern Miss gets gets it’s foe (and old rival) Louisville selected for the Beef
    ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl
  • War Eagle, y’all.
  • Our last service at Mars Hill Church.

  • Happy Monday, eh?
    posted on Nov 15 2010


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    We went to Vancouver, BC this weekend for some relation and birthday celebration (myself on the 11th and Chelsea on the 14th)

  • The Opus Hotel.
  • Southern Miss beat #23/#25 UCF.
  • Chick-fil-A at Western Washington University.
  • Yaletown Brewing Company for beers, food, and TV screens showing nothing but hockey.
  • AgroCafe
  • Café Crêpe
  • On of my favorite movie theatres in the world: Scotiabank Theatre in downtown. It’s got a Burger King and Little Caesars inside. Is your mind blown yet?
  • Once, again, steaks at Joey.
  • Window shopping/almost buying on Robson Street.
  • The Town was incredible.
  • Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work was great.
  • Found the Auburn game on TV at a bar. Surrounded by Southerners, no less.
  • Lunch on Granville Island, where Chelsea was attacked by seagulls.
  • And now, three men making giant candy canes by hand:

    Happy Monday
    posted on Nov 8 2010

  • Southern Miss is bowl eligible, ranked.
  • The Red Door.
  • Thaiku.
  • I watched The Social Network. Again. Just as good the second time.
  • Walker wins their first round of the State Playoffs.

  • Happy post-Jasper Monday
    posted on Oct 25 2010

    In Seattle, only one day in September had temperatures above 80 degrees. Needless to say it was a bit of a shock to land in Birmingham, but a pleasant visit nonetheless. The nights were chilly and ideal for football.

  • Dinner with John, Matt, and Andy in Five Points on Friday.
  • I dug through old boxes which Aaron and I used to keep our childhood knickknacks (it’s weird to see that word spelled out). How my. Some goods that will require their own post.
  • Walker vs. Curry on television? Incredible. Amazing. Yes, please. Broadcast to the Birmingham metropolitan area no less.
  • Pumpkin carving. It went on, but don’t look to me for results I can claim.
  • A full day of watching football with the family. How bout that Cam Newton?
  • Completely unnecessary late night trip to Walmart. Worth every second.
  • Church at Dawson Memorial Baptist of Sunday.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Oct 18 2010

    It was a 2nd anniversary celebration weekend around the house.

  • Drinks at Tavern Law, which lives up to all the hype.
  • Dinner at world famous El Goucho.
  • Southern Miss is 5-2, y’all.
  • Enjoying being on foot in the new neighborhood; allows me to make artsy photos.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Oct 10 2010

    We moved this weekend, therefore we don’t have an Internet setup, and I’m blogging via iPhone. So, in short:
    Hooray! Alabama lost. Auburn won. Our move went well. Sounders are in the playoffs. Our apartment view is awesome.
    Boo! Southern Miss lost. It was cold and rainy.

    Happy Monday
    posted on Oct 3 2010

    I blocked a penalty kick in indoor soccer on Friday. I’d describe to you just how big of a deal that is, but you don’t care, my wife doesn’t care, and I’m fully aware of that.

  • The Social Network was awesome.
  • Tried a new brewery. Humble, wonderful, operating out of an old distribution center.
  • Church was on demons. Seriously.
  • Sunday was bad for my teams.
  • Mariners end 2010 with a whimper.
  • Sounders close to a playoff spot.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Sep 20 2010

    Much thanks to my mother and father-in-law whose Christmas present was used Saturday. The Argosy Lunch Cruise was one of the more fun things we’ve done since we’ve lived in Seattle.

  • Southern Miss didn’t disappoint on national television. The text and Facebook messages of congratulations during the game were equivalent to what I’m sure most people only experience after the birth of a child.
  • Sounders with one of the bigger wins in franchise history.
  • Found my old Alabama plates whilst cleaning out the car over the weekend.
  • The bartender was kind enough to keep Southern Miss vs. Kansas front and center on Friday night.

  • Happy Monday: post Mississippi edition
    posted on Sep 12 2010

    Weddings! They’re fun. You see old friends. You witness two people commit the rest of their lives to one another! And they’re oh-so-flipping exhausting. I’m exhausted (and, truth be told, I didn’t really even do that much).

  • A four-day weekend in Olive Branch, MS.
  • A Saturday ‘o college football at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends who flew in from Seattle.
  • The dance, y’all.
  • Wedding time, in the Mississippi sticks.
  • Mississippi customizable tags, for the win.
  • Southern Miss defeats the powerhouse of Prairie View A&M.
  • Our reentry to Seattle, flying past Mt Rainier…

    Happy Tuesday
    posted on Sep 7 2010

    Oh, Dick’s. You’re my favorite late night treat.

  • Friday evening birthday party at the Little Red Hen… a country music joint I’ve passed by 1,000 times but never managed to see.
  • Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival on Saturday.
    – Atlas Sound (good)
    – The Decemberists (meh)
    – Neko Case (meh)
    – Bob Dylan (ugh. seriously.)
    The Raveonettes (amazing)
  • Sunday we had visitors: MC alumni and professional photographer Robby Followell and his wife were in town and they were treated to our spectacular air mattress.
  • The most amazing episode of Mad Men, ever.
  • Monday was a a quick trip to the Bakery Nouveau, and then work. Seriously, work. It’s going to be a busy week.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Aug 30 2010

    Scene from Buckley’s in Belltown on Friday night. Draft central.

  • Fantasy football draft Friday night. Here’s how I fared… be gentle.
  • We bottled our beer I made 2 weeks ago. It’s pretty good. Not great. Official name: the Back Row Baptist IPA.
  • Saturday evening at Buckley’s watching the Sounders win big one, and a late one.
  • The best pancakes in the world on Sunday morning.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Aug 16 2010

  • Fried bacon at the Jolly Roger.
  • Celebration with friends on a hot, air condition-less Saturday night.
  • Brewed my first batch of beer at Gallaghers’.
  • Walking at Green Lake and trying not to act like it was hot.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Aug 8 2010

    Stella and pomme frites, baby… Stella and pomme frites.

  • Friends’ birthday celebration Friday night at Mona’s.
  • I have no idea how Dinner For Schmucks ever got the green light to be produced, much less released into theaters. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.
  • Shoppin’ at the outlets.
  • Hopping in Greenwood with my colleague and friend, Mark Peterman: The Baranof, Naked City Brewing, and Prost.
  • Mariners win a series.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Aug 1 2010

    NFL cheerleaders involved in photo shoots are a sign that football season is just around the corner.

  • Chelsea was sick. Woo-hoo!
  • Drinks and freshly cut fries at The Park Pub.
  • Rare calm Friday night at Zoka.
  • Once again tempted myself with the iPad at the Apple store.
  • Shopped amongst the hipsters at H&M.

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Jul 26 2010

    The line outside Paseo, who serves the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever consumed.

  • Friday night dinner on Lake Union at Ivar’s Salmon House.
  • Les Hommes Fous
  • Day trip to Mount St. Helens. Incredible and eerie all at the same time.
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is streaming on Netflix. A couple of scenes with too much detail, but a solid story nonetheless.
  • A gas station sold me a box of Mike & Ike’s that was 1-year old. On a side note, why is Mike & Ike’s Wikipedia page so short?

  • Happy Monday
    posted on Jul 19 2010

  • Inception was one of the most creative films I’ve ever seen. If you didn’t like it, you probably didn’t like Lost either, which means I still loe you, but can’t understand you’re thought process.
  • Dinner at Citizen. A place I’ve passed 100 times and never set foot in. Shame on me.
  • Chelsea’s family was in town from Tupelo, and we blitzed them with Seattle in 5 hours: Pike Place Market, Kerry Park, Ballard Locks, and Snoqualmie Falls.
  • Scream 4 is a joke, right?
  • Hallmark’s Christmas display is a joke, right?