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Southwest Airlines… ‘Just Plane Fun’
posted on Feb 6 2013

Video of Jerry Seinfeld’s HBO Debut in 1981
posted on Jul 3 2012

Great interview with David Letterman
posted on Jun 24 2012

Until I heard Alec Baldwin’s interview with David Letterman (which, by the way, Here’s The Thing should be the one podcast you subscribe to this week) I didn’t really think about the fact that I can’t remember ever hearing David Letterman be interviewed. I think I’ve (sadly) associated in my brain David Letterman interviewing for David Letterman having been interviewed.

Here’s The Thing: David Letterman

This guy is getting back at everyone on Wall Street for all of us
posted on Jun 4 2012

[via Hossein]

The new Under Armour web video with Tom Brady is kinda funny
posted on May 29 2012

You’ve heard of the Spork, but how’s about the Chork?
posted on May 11 2012

The Chork.

The most interesting experience I’ve ever had at a Starbucks.
posted on May 8 2012

I’ve long abandoned Starbucks since discovering good coffee in 2007, but some days the limited options or a time crunch warrant handing them my money in exchange for dark, hot, caffeine water.

Saturday was one of those days as I rushed home from the gym to watch the FA Cup.

I’ve had some interesting Starbucks experiences in the past. Once in Seattle a homeless man called me the n-word. Another time, someone stole my chair and moved my stuff during my 7 second walk to get a napkin. They then acted like they’d been there all day when I asked why they moved my stuff. Then there was the time where the barista couldn’t spell “Landon” and requested if she could call me something else that was easier to spell.

Anyhow, Saturday is the new frontrunner in odd Starbucks experiences.

[I pull up to the drive thru speaker.]

Barista: Welcome to Starbucks. What can we get for you?

Me: One latte…

Barista: One latte.

Me: …and a croissant.

Barista: A bagel?

Me: Croissant.

Barista: Coffee?

Me: A croissant.

Barista: A coffee?

Me: [very polite] Cruh-sahnt.

Barista: [long pause] Banana Walnut Bread?

[At this point I thought she was just mocking me. How many things does croissant sound like? And why is “Banana Walnut Bread” one of her first guesses?]

Me: I’ll start over. One latte and one croissant.

Barista: Two latte’s?

Me: Oh my.

Barista: What?

Me: [still very polite] Croissant. It’s a pastry.

Barista: So… just one latte?

Me: [feeling I might be on a hidden camera TV show] I’ll drive around to the window.

The Invention of the American Football Helmet
posted on Apr 11 2012

The NY Times article on “buyer’s remorse” and daily deals is the epitome of #FirstWorldProblems
posted on Mar 11 2012

This article could’ve easily appeared on The Onion. It didn’t. It appeared in the New York Times, y’all:

But that perspective can mean a bid to save money can quickly devolve into a boondoggle. Lindsay Hall Harrison, a lawyer from Orlando, Fla., bought a $6 Groupon for $12 worth of ice cream from a shop near a beach that she and her husband had visited a couple of times. The problem: the beach was an hour and a half away, and the Harrisons weren’t always in the mood for ice cream by the time they drove there.

“We started making deliberate trips down there just to use up this Groupon,” she said. “It was the principle of the thing.” In the end, she estimated that the couple burned through two to three tanks of gasoline to claim $12 in ice cream, which, she noted, was not particularly great.

You have 3 unread carrier pigeons
posted on Feb 16 2012

[flickr via stellar]

A Remix of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” Made Using Film Clips
posted on Jan 17 2012

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

Of course the first person in line to get their picture taken with the BCS trophy is an Alabama fan from Jasper
posted on Jan 17 2012

(How I missed this, I’ll never know.) Hitler reacts to Southern Miss’ bowl selection.
posted on Jan 16 2012

This is my absolute worst nightmare for a “Southern Women Shop”
posted on Jan 11 2012

If this isn’t the culmination of every cliché of every Southern women’s store in in the world, I don’t know what is. It should surprise no one that this exists in my beloved hometown of Jasper.

Let’s review:

  • Of course “Bama” is the anchor of the logo, thus influencing the business mindset overall. These women are here to succeed… Bear Bryant-style. I’m sure they’re UofA alumni.
  • Pink. Everywhere.
  • Flowers. Because, Southern girls, life = flowers.
  • I feel like they want this to be possessive (ex: Bama Girls’ Creations)… but it’s not, and that is the absolute least of my worries at this point.
  • Curlz MT font. Which means the backs of their vans most likely looks something like this.
  • A piece of clothing worked into the logo itself, and a high heel no less (bonus points).
  • Unnecessary use of a K. Why? Why a K? The word “creations” is started with a C. Should the business name have other , and Alliteration be your goal, then this would hurt my eyes less. You choice to substitute a K for a C just makes me sense subtle tones of racism in the form of a logo Easter egg. [see: KKK]

  • LSU’s game plan revealed by an insider
    posted on Jan 11 2012

    Really stocked about DONDA, you guys.
    posted on Jan 6 2012

    Government to our grandparents: “Do not mix whiskey and gas.” (Alternate title: Our grandparents were crazy, y’all.)
    posted on Jan 5 2012

    From the Library of Congress’ Work Projects Administration Poster Collection.

    Video: This (inoffensive) commercial spot was make a normal guy and was rejected by Doritos. I think it’s quite funny.
    posted on Jan 4 2012

    More product reviews need to be as simple, concise, and honest as this. Kudos, @Verge.
    posted on Jan 4 2012

    Oh, Drudge
    posted on Jan 3 2012