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My aunt found this old Christmas polaroid of me. It is a hipster band album cover just waiting to happen.
posted on Dec 29 2011

I’m in the middle, practicing my Truffle Shuffle, holding a candy cane.

Note: All bands and/or hipsters must contact me if interested in allowing this beauty to grace your 2012, Pitchfork perfect 10-rated, synthesizer loop filled album.

Jake & Amir on the Facebook redesign
posted on Dec 28 2011

The LSU Football Team would like to sing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer for you
posted on Dec 24 2011

Merry Christmas from the UC Davis Police Department
posted on Dec 24 2011

Conspiracy Keanu on Santa Claus
posted on Dec 24 2011

Success Kid at Christmas
posted on Dec 24 2011

Scumbag Santa Claus
posted on Dec 24 2011

Pulling a tooth using a Nerf gun
posted on Dec 23 2011

posted on Dec 22 2011

Want to feel normal? Here’s a Christmas video that will assist.
posted on Dec 22 2011

Merry X-Mas. Get it?!
posted on Dec 22 2011

Because nothing says “Happy Birthday, JESUS!” quite like LMFAO
posted on Dec 21 2011

Here’s your Festivus notification for the Human Fund
posted on Dec 21 2011

Bacon Candy Canes. That is all.
posted on Dec 20 2011

Bacon Candy Canes – 1 Box of 6 Candy Canes

Kids… I really hope you’ve been good this year…
posted on Dec 16 2011

[via Mother Jones]

Merry Christmas from Matt Damon
posted on Dec 14 2011

Louis CK’s PayPal checkout is the best.
posted on Dec 10 2011

How to lose $2400 in 24 seconds
posted on Dec 7 2011

Video: The Muppets appear to be cheering for Georigia this weekend
posted on Dec 1 2011

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Whiskey vending machines should be standard in Oxford, MS right now
posted on Nov 5 2011