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Some bros from Jackson, Mississippi launched a @Kickstarter campaign to start a brewery.
posted on Feb 28 2012

I would like to try “>their beers, if only for the fact that they are attempting to launch a brewery in my former city.

The video is a little on the long side, but with the way that Alabama’s beer laws have changed over the last 4 years, it makes things look good for Mississippi.

Interesting numbers surrounding fan support of Mississippi college football teams
posted on Dec 18 2011

A little bit of homerism in this post, but some revealing numbers on just what a good and a bad season can do to key college football demographics.

Ole Miss has fallen to the third most popular sports team in the state. Mississippi State topped the list with 36 percent favoring MSU, 27 percent for Southern Miss, and just 21 percent selecting Ole Miss. Going 2-10 with three straight Egg Bowl loses will do that for you. But here is an interesting note from the crosstabs: Among those 18-29, Southern Miss is the top choice favored by 41 percent of voters in that age group.

Happy Monday: post Mississippi edition
posted on Sep 12 2010

Weddings! They’re fun. You see old friends. You witness two people commit the rest of their lives to one another! And they’re oh-so-flipping exhausting. I’m exhausted (and, truth be told, I didn’t really even do that much).

  • A four-day weekend in Olive Branch, MS.
  • A Saturday ‘o college football at Buffalo Wild Wings with friends who flew in from Seattle.
  • The dance, y’all.
  • Wedding time, in the Mississippi sticks.
  • Mississippi customizable tags, for the win.
  • Southern Miss defeats the powerhouse of Prairie View A&M.
  • Our reentry to Seattle, flying past Mt Rainier…

    MC Table Tennis Team places 5th
    posted on Apr 26 2010

    MC Table Tennis Team Earns 5th Place at Nationals

    Mississippi College’s table tennis team wrapped up their third season on a high note with a 5th place finish in the national tournament in Wisconsin.

    During the three-day tournament near Milwaukee, MC defeated schools like the University of Southern California, Virginia Tech, Minnesota, Baruch College (N.Y.) and Wisconsin.

    Photos from Yazoo City
    posted on Apr 25 2010

    photo credit: Brian Albert Broom/The Clarion-Ledger

    Photos from the Yazoo City, Mississippi Tornado

    Steve Forbes at MC
    posted on Mar 30 2010

    A round up of articles from Steve Forbes’ visit to Mississippi College this week.

  • Steve Forbes Boosts Mississippi College Scholarships
  • Forbes likes Barbour’s chances
  • Forbes says government to blame for recession

  • The Mississippi College Fight Song
    posted on Mar 3 2010

    How many of you alumni would actually be able to pick this out of a lineup?

    Listen here: MP3 | Real Audio

    Steve Forbes at Mississippi College
    posted on Mar 2 2010

    The businessman and one time Presidential candidate will be speaking at the Mississippi College Spring Scholarship Banquet on March 29.

    You can buy tickets here.

    posted on Feb 25 2010

    Mississippi College ranked 4th in Division III 2009 football attendance.

    The bubble just burst
    posted on Feb 23 2010

    Yeah. This just happened:

    Mississippi College is looking into the arrests last week of three football players on felony drug charges, a school official said this afternoon.


    Autry is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Evans is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. And Willis is charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

    MC street cred? Up.

    posted on Feb 23 2010

    The snow photos from Mississippi College are incredible.

    Hattiesburg. The center of the sports universe.
    posted on Jan 25 2010

    So, Tiger Woods’ wife was spotted at Turtle Creek Mall in Hattiesburg? I’m assuming that any positive experience the residents of H’burg provided were immediately erased when she bumped into the kiosk perfume vendors.

    The Jackson Bandits
    posted on Jan 17 2010

    Thought about the since-moved ECHL team while watching hockey over the weekend.

    They were alot of fun to watch, weren’t they? Still remember during our freshmen year at MC how they sold out (~6,500 seats) multiple weekend games during their inaugural year. Ahhhh, hockey in the South. People show up for fights on the ice and cheap beer in the stands, only to have their team moved after 3 years because we are confused about the rules, and get bored after the 2nd Period (1,139 in attendance at their last game).

    In any case… I miss them, and Jackson was a better city with them.

    Look left… now.
    posted on Jan 2 2010

    Hell Has Frozen Over
    posted on Dec 18 2009

    The King Edward Hotel in Jackson, Mississippi finally reopened. This truly makes me happy.

    After the first date I went on with Chelsea in the Spring of 2002, I dared her to walk into an old busted door in the abandoned behemoth. I didn’t think she’d do it. It was a scary building in one of the worst parts of town. But she did. It was awesome.

    Hotel Photos
    Apartment Photos

    Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities
    posted on Dec 8 2009

    Jackson, Mississippi is #3.

    Incredible Diving Catch by MC Reciever
    posted on Nov 24 2009

    Who said D-III is no fun to watch?

    Chocataws Move To Second Round
    posted on Nov 22 2009

    A whopping 2,086 in attendance. Way to represent, Montgomery. Game photos here.

    MC will play next week at Wesley College.

    Extreme Makeover Comes to Hattiesburg
    posted on Nov 19 2009

    All the details here.

    $20 says that Ty does some sort of cheesy “Here’s the plan, gang!” gag on the Southern Miss football field.

    [credit: wife-y]

    MC Playoff Game Set at Huntingdon – Montogemery, AL
    posted on Nov 15 2009

    The Division III brackets have been set. The Choctaws will play the first round of the playoffs in Montgomery, AL. The Choctaws’ last appearance in the postseason was a 35-7 loss to Jacksonville State University in the 1991 NCAA Division II playoffs.

    This should be an easy trip for those alumni in Birmingham, and a day trip for folks from the Jackson metro area.

    What are we up against?

    Huntingdon College does not belong to a Division III conference but received one of the nine at-large bids to the tournament as an independent. Huntingdon features an offense that leads all of Division III averaging 525.8 yards of total offense per game.

    What do we have?

    The Choctaws have been led this season by senior quarterback Adam Shaffer who has thrown 29 touchdowns with just eight interceptions. Shaffer has completed 200-332 passes for 2,577 yards and holds MC career records for passing yards (8,987 yards), touchdown passes (87) and pass completions (668). Shaffer is two touchdown passes shy of his own single season school record of 31 touchdown tosses set in 2007.

    On the ground the Choctaws feature the ASC’s leading rusher in Steven Knight. The former Northwest Rankin High School standout has rushed for 1,181 yards this year with nine touchdowns.