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MC Enrollment Up (Again)
posted on Aug 13 2007

For the fifth-straight year, Mississippi College continues to be the fastest growing college in the state of Mississippi, increasing 7% from 2006.

The growth is so much so that the university has been forced to rent rooms from at least two local apartment complexes. MC plans to eventually purchase the apartment complexes, as well as reignite past plans of building new on-campus apartments. We actually got a first look at one of the proposed complexes during an SGA breakfast back in 2003… I’ll be very jealous should they press forward with the plans.

posted on Jan 30 2007

Over the weekend the blog hit a milestone: the 100,000th visitor

A hat tip to those of you who make the pilgrimage to the blog on a daily basis for heaping helping of links, comments, videos, and Republican propaganda.

I once again thank you for reading along. The blog has truly become something I’ve looked forward to doing as I’ve posted almost every day for the last 15 months.

Thank you for you contributions, your encouragement, and the non-stop questions about the release of Eurosix. (It’s coming. Patience.)

Aaron Is Home
posted on Dec 7 2006

For those of you who’ve been so kind to ask, Aaron got home from China yesterday and is in Jasper today. He’s been gone for 15 months so I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

Granted, his body is on a completely different schedule right now. Just add 14 hours to the current time… and that’s what time his bodily clock is on. So, when he answers he may seem a little groggy… but he’ll most likely be up and about seeing as he hasn’t driven his precious Honda Accord in over a year.

If you want our home phone number just shoot me an email.

Postponed, One Week – But Arriving In Time For Thanksgiving!
posted on Nov 6 2006

In an effort to best secure all copyrights and tweak last minute issues, Eurosix won’t be release for 1 more week. I knew that when I set the November 7th date I was shooting for as a target that was almost unattainable… but I shot for it anyway, not understanding just how long the tweaks and twerks would take.

I’ve been unusually busy around here the past week (ie – going to bed at 4 AM as opposed to the usual 2 AM) and I want to do this to the best of my ability. Seeing as this snuck up on me as fast as it did to many of you… I don’t believe I’ll be receiving any death threats for the release of the book.

So, put your credit/debit cards back into your wallets/purses and camp out for one more week as Landon Howell Publishing presents the first product in its best possible form.

get ready for a blitz over the next few days… you’ll know when it’s next Tuesday.

Starting A Podcast
posted on Aug 22 2006

Within the next two weeks I will be beginning a short 3 mintue podcast that will be released once per week. It will available on Odeo and iTunes for free. You will also be able to listen to it straight from the blog without having to download a thing.

Aren’t I considerate?

This is just something fun to add another dimension to the blog. Plus it gives mom and pop a way to hear their sons accent slowly lose some of its Southern twang as he adjusts to life in the PacNo.

Alright. ‘Tis all.

The Big Move
posted on Aug 21 2006

Carrying-on in the cheesy “name the trip” theme I’ve come accustomed to… I’ve dubbed my 8 (or 9) day drive from Jasper, Alabama to Seattle, Washington: The Big Move

But actually… there’s nothing big about my load. I’ll be driving my car and taking only my clothes.

That’s it. Why? Because the house will be fully furnished with the exception of my bedroom. And with the cost of renting a U-Haul van as well as a trailer to tow my car ($750), coupled with the price of gas ($400, arm & leg, plus a live baby), do the math… it’ll be cheaper to snag a new bed, chest of drawers, etc, when I get there.

The drive will take 8 days and will cover 12 states. I’ll be stopping along the way in St. Louis, Omaha, Devil’s Tower, The Badlands, and I’ll be spending a day or so in Yellowstone National Park before heading to Spokane and then onto Seattle.

I figure that if I’m going to be driving cross-country, why not make it count for something?

I’ll be posting pictures as they happen via my camera phone. You’ll be able to view them through a link that will be stationed at the top of the page.

The trip should be fun. South Dakota is supposed to be beautiful in late-August… yeah.

    Leaving : Thursday, August 24 (or Friday, August 25) I haven’t really decided yet
    Arriving : Friday, September 1
    States : 12
    Miles : approx. 2,600
    Bags of Sunflower Seeds : approx. 3
    12 oz cans of Diet Coke : approx. 25

I’m Moving To Seattle
posted on Aug 14 2006

fish/ferries/fresh coffeeA move that has been in the works for more than 3 months is now official. I’ll be leaving my home in Jasper, Alabama and making the journey 2,600 miles northwest to the Emerald City by the end of this month.

I’ll post more later on what I’ll actually be doing when I get there. I’m not providing any details just yet.

That said, I’m extremely excited about this opportunity. It will be a journey as well as a challenge in a city in which I know no one. A city far different from the places I’ve spent my life in up to this point.

It’ll be fun.
It’ll be exciting.
It’ll be a little wet from time to time.

However, it will be an experience that will shape my life in ways I could never imagine.

Over the past several months I’ve spent many days praying, stressing, researching, discussing, and pondering this move. I let most of you in on the plan over the last several weeks as I spoke to you in person. You all had opinions… all were greatly appreciated. And while there will be some downsides (ie-far from home, friends, and familiarity) there will also be upsides (ie-new friends, new perspective, new opportunities).

Rest assured I’ll be telling you more than you’d like to know about this spectacular city over the coming days, but I’ll try to keep it brief… or boxers (ba-dum-dum).

[NOTE: The photo above was taken by myself at sunset over Elliot Bay last Monday.]

We Have A Date
posted on Jul 19 2006

August 16th

Heck yeah.

Spunk Baby
posted on Jun 27 2006

I’m a butt for not posting this sooner.

My college roommate Matt Weston and his lovely Jennifer (she didn’t live with us so that Spunk could stay pure) gave birth… well, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy James Seth Weston on June 8.

The baby came in at 21 inches, 7lbs, 13ozs… which means he’s already taller than Matt. Kidding buddy, you know I love you.

Take a peek at the photos.

The official email from Matt:

“It’s good times here at la casa de Weston. For those of you who haven’t yet heard the news, Jennifer and I had an addition to our family last Thursday, June 8. James Seth Weston was born at 10.29PM and weighed 7lbs, 13ozs. He was 21 inches long and was born with more hair on his head than I have. Below is a link where you can see some pictures of the new and improved Weston family.

As you can imagine we’re thrilled about this new phase in our lives, and although we’re apart from many of you guys, know that we love you and think about each of you often. If you’re in the Nashville area, give us a call and we’d love for you to meet baby Seth and take you out for some BBQ. Blessings to you and keep us updated on things in your world….”

An Aaron Update
posted on Jun 19 2006

A few of you have asked me for updates on my brother Aaron, and I feel like a piece of crap for going so long without any updates.

  1. Mom got to see Aaron on Sunday for the first time since he left in September. She is traveling with People to People and Aaron is spending a few days with her group. He’s even helped some of the kids negotiate prices on souvenirs with the Chinese vendors.
  2. He lives with his friend Mona and her mother in their high rise apartment building. This is a much better set-up than his first living space.
  3. Aaron has been told by mutiple second language professionals that he is learning Chinese at a “very impressive rate.”
  4. Aaron has been offered a contract extension to stay in China through December 2006 or March 2007. He isn’t sure yet as to how long he will stay.
  5. For those of you who are Facebook friends with Aaron [view profile], he has mutiple photos from different experiences posted within his profile.
  6. While on a mission with the Chinese army, Aaron was thrown from his horse and left for dead before being adopted by a small villiage… yeah, I’m sorry… I was thinking of the movie The Last Samurai.

I’ll give y’all some more updates as they come through. In the mean time he would love to hear from some of you via Facebook messaging.

My Goodies… My Goodies
posted on Jun 14 2006

I’ve switched the site up just a leetle bit – most everything I’ve done can be found to the right, above the photo stream.

Have-at-it. It’s like a miniture Easter Egg hunt.

MC Loses a Member of its Family
posted on May 25 2006

Rebekah Carter [Mississippi College – Class of 2001] was killed in a two-car accident on I-59 last night just south of Laurel, Mississippi in Ellisville download freshman the divx .

Rebekah was Miss MC, Homecoming Maid of Honor, Shawreth Sweetheart, and was active in countless other university clubs and organizations.

According to police reports, Carter was killed when:

    “…a vehicle driven by Edward Charles Ransom was traveling north on the interstate when it veered across the median and landed on top of a 2004 Oldsmobile driven by Rebekah Carter. Carter, 27, of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., was killed, and Ransom, 29, of Laurel, was ejected from his vehicle. According to Snyder, Ransom was run over by a third vehicle.”

I know I speak for the entire MC family when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with the Carter family.

American Idol – Inside Info
posted on May 24 2006

Some inside information from tonight’s AI finale… even though I’ll be watching LOST.

  • There’s gonna be a big “woman power” theme to part of the show.
  • There’s a top secret performer, who is also a woman, who will be performing. Signs point to Celine Dion.
  • Dionne Warwick will be performing.
  • Clay Aiken will be there. Ruben Studdard will not.

  • Email Address Change
    posted on May 23 2006

    I mentioned it a while back, but I think a few of you still missed it.

    landon.howell@yahoo.com is now my main email addy.

    landon@juiceenewsdaily.com AND landon@bamassippi.com are still, and always will be active – but change your address destination and I’ll love you forever.

    Also, my landon@bighunkyguyinsweatysocks.com is also still active… though I usually only use that for other business purposes.

    Facebook Goes Mobile
    posted on May 23 2006

    Now you can continue your addiction wherever you are as Facebook score the dvdrip download goes to your cellphone.

    You can set it up to where everytime you get a poke/message/request etc, you recieve a text message. Kinda takes some of the “Christmas morning” feel away now that you don’t have to rush to your computer with eager anticipation… but a good idea nonetheless.

    Notes From The Presidential Address
    posted on May 15 2006

    If you wanna watch it, go to C-SPAN.

  • You’ll notice his blue-on-blue… a blue jacket with a blue tie. Blue is a color of power – nice job from the White House stylist.

    I know that some of you may not think this kind of detail is important, but you’d be surprised as to how much time was spent on just his tie and his jacket.

  • He reminded us that he was Governor of Texas. This is important to remind many of those who may be weary of Bush that he can deal with immigration and experience doing just that.
  • He outlined 5 steps. People remember things in 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, and 10’s.
  • National Guard will be used to help guard the border along with technology and border control ageants.
  • “Catch & Release” is over. Meaning: when we used to capture an illegal, we would release him into our society but give him a court date on which to return. This pratice is now over.
  • We will have a temporary worker program. They will be accompanied by criminal background checks, and they will return to their home countries when their time is up.
  • Employers will be held accountable for their employees.
  • Illegals who are here right now will not be given amnesty – Bush: “I oppose it.”

    Bush: “There is a rational middle ground…”

    Illegals who have been here for an extended period of time will have to pay a penalty, then getting in line behind the other individuals seeking US citizenship.

  • WOW
    posted on May 15 2006

    The third person indicted in the Duke Rape Case just made a statement… this case by the strippers and the District Attorney is going to crumble like a 3-year-old’s sandcastle at sunset.

  • His statement was not read, but memorized – and it wasn’t short either. He was convincing and articulate as a 22-year-old on national television could be.
  • He accused the District Attorney of ingoring evidence which was voluntarily submitted.
  • He willingly submitted to a polygraph… which the Distrcit Attorney would not allow to happen. So, the accused went out and got a 22-year FBI polygraph verteran to submit the polygraph – he passed with flying colors.
  • The accuser said that she was certain that he had a mustache the night of the rape – and the Defense has evidence that proves otherwise.
  • This case is pretty much wrapped up after today’s statements *if* all that they have said is true.

    It’s hard to know who to believe at this point.

    However, if all of this is true – I wanna go punch that District Attorney in the stomach. Paige, you’re up in Durham… will you do it for me?

    Am I the only one who feels awful for these kids? Obviously they hired a stripper, which I disagree with – obviously. But my gosh… their lives are forever changed by what appears to be two moronic strippers and a District Attorney who was running for re-election.

    LandonHowell.com – CONTEST!!!
    posted on May 3 2006

    [Fake appluase]

    Thank you. Thank you… let the contest begin.

    Contest: Pick the Kentucky Derby winner – List ‘O’ Horses

    Prize: Your pick of one high end shirt from DaVille, and your pick of any Eurosix photo.

    All you good boys and girls, do your research on the horses to be featured.

    Email (don’t post here) your picks by THURSDAY NIGHT at MIDNIGHT or I will type in ALL CAPS… yeah.

    I will release my pick on Friday, just to show you just what a “horse master” I am.

    That sounded nasty.

    Facebook Now Open To More Than 1,000 Companies
    posted on May 3 2006

    Let the cube-monkeys play too!

    Facebook is now allowing employees of more than 1,000 businesses. Do a search to see if your company is listed.

    Drew Go Bye-Bye
    posted on May 3 2006

    First, David go bye-bye (only for 2 months), and now Drew go bye-bye. [Pictured here, standing besides yours truly. Why does my stomach look so big in this picture?]

    Drew Thornley was offered a job in Chicago on-the-spot

    a few days back. He will be working for a non-profit pro-life legal organization. Drew passed up an offer from the JAG Corps to move to Chicago.

    Can’t blame him. open season online

    Drew will be missed. I’m sure I’ll have to take advantage of a free place to stay and make another trip to Chi-town soon. Mmmmm, pizza!

    On a serious note… and I’m really being serious: Drew will be working on a “top secret” project over the next 11 months. One can only hope that his work, along with the work of others will produce information that will open the eyes of the American legal system to see what terrible, terrible thing abortion is.

    “It’s my decision.” a woman may say.

    No, sweetheart… it was your decision to have sex. It was your decision to fail to use birth control.

    Why should the moment you finally act like an adult and “make a decision” take the life of an unborn child?

    Find a family who wants to adopt.
    They’ll pay for anything and support you through everything.
    Life is good… espcially when you don’t prevent it.

    …I’m off my soapbox now. WE’LL MISS YOU DREW!