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Old School Halloween Commercials
posted on Oct 31 2012

Got into a nostalgic mood last evening and ventured into YouTube to see what 80s/90s videos I could find.




Toys R Us


Micro Machines

Honey Nut Cheerios

Freddy Krueger Hotline

Monster Marshmallows

Toys Of Christmas Past: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures
posted on Dec 19 2011

Old School Christmas: Tom & Jerry, The Night Before Christmas
posted on Dec 14 2011

Christmas shirt of the day: Keep the change ya filthy animal
posted on Dec 13 2011

[via BustedTees]

Toys Of Christmas Past: M.A.S.K. Boulder Hill
posted on Dec 12 2011

Amazon’s list of The Best Christmas Movies of the 80’s is pretty much the best
posted on Dec 11 2011

Here’s the list. To say it leaves out a few is an understatement... but it’s a start nonetheless.

The trailer to one of my favorite is below.

I had completely forgotten about the movie ‘The Christmas Toy’
posted on Dec 11 2011

As a kid we all watched horrible Christmas movies. But we were kids, so we were oblivious to their horribleness. Also, it was Christmastime and they were about Christmas presents, so we definitely didn’t care.

One of my favorite movies was The Christmas Toy. One day Dad came home, needed to record something on the VHS (“something” usually involved Remington Steele or Cheers), recorded over my program, and that was that.

Whilst browsing the Netflix the other night, there it was.

Toys of Christmas Past: G.I. Joe Board Game
posted on Dec 1 2011

“Build your own Lego Christmas ornaments” is a little repetitive, but you can still do it
posted on Nov 29 2011

Full directions here.

Toys Of Christmas Past: Crossfire
posted on Nov 29 2011

Christmas is a time of forgiveness, y’all
posted on Nov 28 2011

Toys Of Christmas Past: Pop Goes Perfection
posted on Nov 25 2011

Still my favorite Christmas commercial of all time
posted on Nov 25 2011

Santa Claus meets He-Man
posted on Nov 25 2011

Reindeer from Treat on Vimeo.

For reference.

James Earl Jones counts to 10
posted on Nov 14 2011

This was the first appearance of a celebrity on Sesame Street.

Best Error 404 page ever
posted on Nov 8 2011

[via imgur]

The cartoon conglomerate. Find your favorite.
posted on Nov 8 2011

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Happy Halloween from Marty McFly & Jennifer Parker
posted on Nov 1 2011

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need… roads.

Back To The Future is one of, if not my favorite movie of all time. I love the first, LOVE the second, like the third (trains? we needed trains to make this more compelling?).

We were invited to an 80s themed Halloween party, and the choice was obvious: be everyone’s favorite childhood time traveler. However, I should note that we were worried that things might get heavy if no one recognized us.

You can’t tell, but I’m wearing a maroon undershirt and my white collared shirt is checkered in blue… just like Marty’s. (I worked hard and want credit, y’all… which is sad.)

Inspired by these…

Halloween from years past is below.

2010: Ralphie & The Leg Lamp, A Christmas Story

2009: Eric & Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

2008: Joan Holloway and Don Draper Pete Campbell, Mad Men

2007: Jim and Pam, The Office

Happy Halloween, y’all
posted on Oct 31 2011

Who stole my golden arm?
posted on Oct 31 2011