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You WILL succumb to the power of P&G. You WILL cry.
posted on Apr 18 2012

Atlas Struged
posted on Jul 30 2011

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Atlanta Olympics, my favorite Olympic moment.

I know entirely too much about a few things in life, and Olympic gymnastics is one of those things. I won’t discuss more for fear of scaring my wife like I always do when the Olympics are discussed.

On my iPod
posted on Jul 13 2010
  • When Will You Come by Wavves [listen]
  • The Cave by Mumford & Sons [listen]

  • Our trip to the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia
    posted on Mar 1 2010

    [Like the photo? Buy it. It’s easy to drop coin at the Games and the wallet is significantly lighter.]

    View all photos here.

    We drive up to Vancouver every few months, so we’re familiar with the “feel” of the city. This time we knew the feel would be significantly different for the obvious reasons, but there’s no way to describe how a city feels when the Olympics are in session.

    Lines were much shorter than expected (we walked right up to the Cauldron). Everyone was incredibly nice (they’re Canadians). You can have a blast for free (or overpay for gyros). We also made it on TV (my second Olympics to do so.)

    It was a blast, and if you’re ever within a 12 hour drive of any Olympic host city, go… even if you have to sleep of the floor of a train station. It’s worth it.

    Also, I’ll be competing in the 2014 Winter Olympiad.

    The Big O
    posted on Feb 28 2010

    Gosh, it depresses me every time the Olympics end. Seriously. That flyover of the local terrain accompanied by the Olympic theme song that NBC does? Tears.

  • The 10 most memorable moments of the Vancouver Games
  • The most memorable images of the Vancouver Olympics

  • Trip to Vancouver
    posted on Feb 26 2010

    We’ll hop the train to Vancouver today for 7 hours of Olympics. I’ve spent more hours swimming than we’ll be spending in the Olympic city, but the Winter Games (or any games from that mater) will most likely not be this close again. Tickets to any event are $200+ per ticket for the worst seat at the least popular event, sso it’s safe to say we’re not watching any in person. We hear of long lines and $15 bottles of water, but we’re simply looking to wander and observe. I did it 4 years ago in Italy, and I got to make fun of this kids slap shot.

    One of the Dutch speedskating coaches looks like Billy Mack from ‘Love Actually’
    posted on Feb 24 2010

    “Ducks fly together”
    posted on Feb 23 2010

    posted on Feb 23 2010

    In honor of Team USA Hockey, this site will have three of the best Mighty Ducks clips today
    posted on Feb 23 2010

    Seriously. Just wait. But I couldn’t find the triple deke (the childhood Gordon Bombay one, or Charlie’s winning shot).

    4 days ’til Vancouver
    posted on Feb 22 2010

    Yes, we’re headed to Vancouver Friday. No, we don’t have tickets to any events.

    However, I took a day trip to the last Olympic games in Torino and had a blast, though this time I won’t be sleeping on the floor of a train station, and I doubt we’ll make it on TV again.

    Chelsea and I are taking the Amtrak train across the border for part of the day Friday to visit the venues, watch events LIVE, and tell NBC how terrible their coverage is.

    The OV
    posted on Feb 22 2010

    Pictures inside Vancouver’s Olympic Village.

    (Yes. The title is a play on The OC. If it took me pointing it out in order to make and impact, then I have failed.)