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This stop motion video of Paris is the 2nd or 3rd coolest thing you’ll see today
posted on May 7 2012

Four years ago today I took this picture in Paris
posted on Feb 19 2010

It was cold, raining, and I hadn’t eaten in 7 hours, but I was bound and determined to get a shot of the Eiffel Tower with those pretty clouds cutting diagonally in the background.

It’s still one of my favorite moments from Europe.

Eurosix Videos: The Mona Lisa
posted on May 9 2006

Since everybody’s got Da Vinci Code madness, I figured that I needed to dig back into my Eurosix stash and show a couple of videos I haven’t shown before.

NOTE: You’re not suposed to photograph and/or video the Mona Lisa. Oops! ;)

So… Where All Did You Go?
posted on Mar 31 2006

A question I do not mind answering, but one that can consume too much time once I begin explaining and others begin asking questions.

Look to this map.

London, England was my starting point, then I worked south, going somewhat-counterclockwise to Paris, FranceBern, SwitzerlandFlorence, ItalyTorino, ItalyPisa, ItalyRome, ItalyCortona, ItalyVenice, ItalyVienna, AustriaBudapest, HungaryPrague, Czech RepublicBerlin, GermanyAmsterdam, The NetherlandsBruges, Belgium… and back to London, England.

Miles : 3,500 [approximately, point-to-point]

Number of Cities : 15

Number of Countries : 10

Favorite Small City : Bruges, Belgium

Favorite Large City : Berlin, Germany

Some Pictures…
posted on Feb 19 2006

Some… not all of the more-than 700 pictures I have taken thus far.

Yes, I said 700, in one week.

However, I will gradually narrow those down to a dozen over the next few days… while I take more.

Here they are… take a gander if you like.

Photos from Europe.