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This Stumptown Coffee video is a perfect example of how they turned people like me into coffee drinkers
posted on Jan 17 2013

The Portlandia intro is perfect
posted on Feb 19 2011

I love Portlandia. If you haven’t seen it yet, look for reruns if you have IFC, or simply head to iTunes.

The only thing better than the show if is the show’s intro. I love Portland. We looked for any excuse to visit when we lived in Seattle, and it (like Seattle, though not as awesomely so) is a city unlike any other. Somehow the intro managed to capture exactly what I envision when someone says “Portland”.

I’m not exaggerating when I claim that this was the conversation among 75.9% of patrons in Portland’s Stumptown Coffee.
posted on Jan 22 2011

“Portland is where young people go to retire.”
posted on Dec 20 2010

Love you PDX. This video is funny and true for too many reasons.

Only in the Northwest
posted on Jul 16 2010

Seattle and Portland are in a race to see who will be the first to ban plastic bags:

Portland’s mayor said Wednesday that he plans to ban plastic bags, a move that might make some Seattle activists tinge green with envy.

They might wonder: How come they get to do it, and we don’t?

Happy Tuesday
posted on Jun 1 2010

It’s a 4-day work week, you know.

  • Watched UFC 114 amongst hundreds of strangers at BWW in Portland. I’ve never really gotten into UFC and had no idea there was a fight. I was educated by those surrounding me and honestly feel bad for never having fully opened my mind to what I considered the “NASCAR for yankees”.
  • Pool at Leny’s.
  • Dinner and drinks at Shelter Lounge.
  • Finally got to see Baksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop. Different than what I expected, but thoroughly entertaining.
  • Portland Saturday Market.
  • Tasting at Rogue Distillery & Public House.
  • Tasting at Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House.
  • Way too much time and not too much money at Powell’s.
  • Sunday morning at Stumptown in the lobby of the Ace Hotel is the most relaxing yet rowdy scene in Portland. A serene lobby backed sharing a space with Stump’s line-o-coffee-needers that is out the door. My new pride and joy, limited edition mug.

  • Portland & Transit
    posted on Feb 23 2010

    Great piece on Portland’s transit and urban layout via Fast Company.

    Happy Monday
    posted on Feb 1 2010

    We took an impromptu trip to our friendly neighbor of the south, Portland. Home to Donald Miller, one of the best public transportation systems in America, and more hipsters than you can shake a stick at.

    It is truly one of my favorite, and most relaxing cities in the world.

  • Drinks at the Annex Bar. The coziest dive in all of Portland.
  • VooDoo Doughnuts for their famous maple bacon bar, a cinnamon sugar doughnut, and a giant (no seriously) glazed doughnut that took-up an entire box.
  • Visited two new wineries: Torii Mor & Lange
  • My first Buffalo Wild Wings in months. I’ve still yet to find a replacement for these things in Seattle. Don’t tell me they’re overrated.
  • Lost in the stacks a Powell’s, the world’s largest bookstore.
  • Watched The September Issue via Marriott in-room movies. I’m obsessed with business, and I don’t discriminate which industry you’re in. I can honestly say that I was not only not bored, I was intrigued. Great movie.
  • Chelsea got to see Haystack Rock for the first time.
  • Visited Mikey’s house from The Goonies. Kinda performed the truffle shuffle – video later.

  • Wild
    posted on Nov 10 2008

    Is it stupid to drive 2 1/2 hours to Portland just to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings? That’s exactly what we did over the weekend with our friend Kim and Colin who were craving the wingsbeersports as much as we were.

    For all that Seattle has in unique, can’t-get-them-anywhere-else-in-the-world food, it lacks in chain eateries beloved by the majority of Americans (see: Chick-fil-A, Waffler House, Cracker Barrel, Sonic) as well as Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Seeing the BWW was a staple in my weekly diet during college (weird that Mississippi has something Seattle doesn’t… silly treehuggers and their tofu) it’s been pretty difficult to live without for the past 26 months. So when we discussed the fact that Portland has three (3!) in their metro area, the weekend road trip was inevitable.

    God bless Buffalo Wild Wings.