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Great article on Seattle’s role in soccer
posted on Aug 2 2012

E Pluribus Sounders (Part 1): Immigrant & NASL Roots

“The history they speak of cannot be created by a league, but is instead created by the collective experience of supporters who are committed to and maintain the concept of a soccer club. The Sounders may not be the best team in the United States and have had a history filled with various starts and stops, but they’re certainly the most loved because of what they represent: the professional culmination of a sixty year love affair Seattle has had with soccer.”

Remembering Snowpocalypse 2010
posted on Nov 22 2011

A year ago today I quit my job In Seattle, and Snowpocalypse 2010 began. It was awesome. Seriously.

Sitting in our apartment on Queen Anne Avenue, watching cars slide down the icy hill. Some of the best memories I have with my wife are from those few days we were prevented from travelling any further than we could walk.

My favorite @SoundersFC moments of 2011
posted on Nov 4 2011

2,700 miles hasn’t seperated me from obsessing over the Seattle Sounders. I’ll be honest in that it kinda surprises me. I thought that being back in Alabama and removed from attending home matches and watching away matches at my favorite bar with my wife would lessen some of the obsession for SSFC as well. It hasn’t. Being this far away has only solidified my love for the

Portland Free Kick

4 Saves

The Dagger

Montero Fancy Feet at Vancouver

O’Brian White’s first goal for Seattle Sounders FC (I was at this match – the only one I was able to attend this year – and this happened right in front of our section)

The goal is nice. The celebration is even better.

This will only be funny to my Seattle bros is gals: Ballard Driving Academy
posted on Oct 25 2011

Ah, Almost Live. Their skits are so hokey, but I love them and miss them so.

Note that the opening scene is right in front of the the Mars Hill main campus before there was even a Mars Hill.

Cool or creepy mobile app feature?
posted on Sep 30 2011

As mentioned previously, I’ll be at SIC 2011 in Seattle in November. SIC, like many conferences is putting out an app specifically for the attendees themselves. One of the features I’m digging from a networking perspective, despite the fact it slightly reeks of stalker:

SIC and Unsocial will also provide a new social networking tool that will enable conference attendees to find key business professionals within their proximity and generate targeted conversations and meetings in real-time. Features include the ability to connect with people via integrated messaging, exchange information, and to even call each other directly if they choose to make their contact information available.

I actually like the feature. Sonar does something similar, though cannot filter specifically within the group of attendees itself.

Here’s hoping I’m stalked.*

Holler if you’ve attended a conference whose app had a similar feature.

*Knows he’s not that important.

This is GeekBall, and it’s awesome.
posted on Jun 22 2011

If any of you are reading from Seattle, I hope you’re headed to the GeekWire launch party tonight.

“What is Seattle?”
posted on Jun 20 2011

AMC’s ‘The Killing’ is excellent. Excellent.
posted on Apr 5 2011

And not just for the fact that it is set in Seattle. Nor for the gratuitous skyline and scenery flyovers.

It’s an excellent show, and we’re only two hours into it. Watch the two-hour first episode here for free.

(Also, it’s filmed in Vancouver.)

Seattle in Birmingham
posted on Mar 1 2011

The J. Clyde is not only the best pub in Birmingham, it’s one of the best pubs I’ve ever visited. Now, with the inclusion of Seattle and Olympia beers on this week’s rotation, it got infinitely better.

(Side note: For those Seattle residents reading, it’s on par with Brouwer’s… one of the Top 10 pubs in the world.)

This cap actually exists.
posted on Feb 7 2011

And the fact that it exists means that someone wants to wear it.

What if NFL teams wore soccer jerseys?
posted on Feb 1 2011

This is awesome. Simply awesome, especially for those addicted to both football and futbol.

Year In Review
posted on Dec 29 2010

Some blogs produce long, detailed, drawn-out posts at the end of the year. They link to multiple blog posts and photos, highlighting their favorite moments in what certainly becomes a digital public record. And you know what? Nobody reads them.

Here’s my year in review:

  • Attended the Winter Olympics.
  • Enjoyed countless Mariner and Sounder games.
  • Drank new coffee and beer.
  • Consumed entirely too much Thai food.
  • Weekend trips to Portland, Vancouver, and Olympic National Park.
  • Fly fishing in Montana.
  • Moved across the country.
  • Started a career with a new, cutting edge company.
  • The Southern Miss Football season that could have been.

  • Photos from the road
    posted on Dec 21 2010

    Many of your followed our cross-country trek on Facebook and Twitter, so I’ll just post the highlights.

    If you want to view these and the rest, head over to Flickr.

    Needless to say, I got lots and lots of stares as I stood in the parking lot of Oregon’s athletic department in my bright orange Auburn shirt. It was well worth it. War Eagle.

    Chelsea’s car was broken into on night one. We found this out quite literally as the words “Sacramento seems like a really safe city” left my mouth. Thankfully, nothing of significant importance was taken.

    In-N-Out is one of those burgers that, upon initial consumption I was never blown away by. My last few experiences have made me nothing but an obsessed devourer and blind loyalist.

    So scarred by the break in, we felt the need to drive through Palm Springs for an evening at the Rancho Las Palmas.

    The bartender at Rancho Las Palmas inquired if she could use us as guinea pigs for new drinks. We did could, could never be able to, consume them all.

    Meteor Crater, AZ. Self explanatory and mind-blowing.

    Like The Eagles, I’ve stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. That’s a flatbed Ford. Evidently the ‘girl in the flatbed Ford’ was on her lunch break.

    posted on Dec 19 2010

    [The last photo from Seattle taken right before we headed down Queen Anne Hill, due south. I’ve never seen the rain so furious.]

    We’re here. Sweet home, Alabama.

    3,260 miles
    11 states
    6 days
    2 cars
    …and a partridge in a pear tree.

    It was a long, eventful, exciting trip. We’re home, and it feels good.

    Another sign that journalism has changed
    posted on Dec 8 2010

    King 5 posted this article on its homepage Wednesday. It included a picture taken by an average Joe, on his commute, using his iPhone with a Hipstamatic app.

    Our favorite things to do in Seattle, the Northwest
    posted on Dec 6 2010

  • German Monday’s at Prost! West Seattle.
  • Evening walks in Sculpture Park.
  • Evening walks around Green Lake.
  • Day/weekend trips to Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR.
  • Riding the Light Rail.
  • Gas Works Park on a sunny day.
  • Random trips to the outlet mall, sometimes adjacent casino, always adjacent McDonald’s.
  • Riding ferries, sometimes for no real reason.
  • Phở on cold, dark, rainy days.
  • Saturday morning pancakes.
  • Watching sports at Buckley’s.
  • Finding new coffee shops.
  • Tomato soup and Mac & Cheese at Beecher’s in Pike Place Market on freezing afternoons.
  • Mariners games.
  • Sounders games.
  • Seahawks games.
  • Annex Pub in Portland.
  • Scotiabank Theatre in Vancouver.
  • Aimlessly wandering University Village.
  • Movies at the Cinerama.
  • Sitting in Zoka for hours.
  • Mexican food at Cactus, and introducing any of our visitors to it as well.
  • Skipping stones on Alki Beach.
  • Browsing the stacks at Powell’s Books in Portland.

  • Happy last-week-in-Seattle Monday
    posted on Dec 6 2010

  • Snowflake Lane 2010
  • Happy hour with Kim & Colin at the Waterfront Seafood Grill.
  • Southern Miss gets gets it’s foe (and old rival) Louisville selected for the Beef
    ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl
  • War Eagle, y’all.
  • Our last service at Mars Hill Church.

  • How to survive in a post-Trader Joe’s world?
    posted on Dec 5 2010

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    Trader Joe’s is my new Chick-fil-A. One is America’s premier non-drive thru, the other is America’s premier market. Affordable, delicious groceries and wine… ugh, I’m gonna miss you.

    Chelsea looked at me during the SEC Championship Game and said, “We’re driving to Atlanta once a month to go to Trader Joe’s.” I’d argue with her if I didn’t agree.

    Once-per-month trips to Trader Joe’s? Might as well swing by H&M on the way.

    Our favorite food in Seattle
    posted on Dec 4 2010

    Thai: Orrapin
    Seafood: Ray’s
    French: Cafe Presse
    Phở: Thanh Vi
    Sushi: Blue C
    Steaks: Joey
    Fried Chicken: Ezell’s
    Sandwiches: Paseo
    Pizza: Serious Pie
    Mexican: Cactus on Alki Beach
    Burgers: Red Mill
    Doughnuts: Top Pot
    Cupcakes: Trophy Cupcakes & Party
    Ice Cream: Molly Moon’s

    Cheap Eats
    Burgers: Dick’s Drive-In
    Seafood: Spud & Ivar’s

    “It doesn’t rain that much in Seattle…”
    posted on Dec 4 2010

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    From this week’s Post Secret. Quite the timing.

    When I visited Seattle for the second time, just prior to moving here in 2006, I was grabbing dinner at Matt’s In The Market, two older gentlemen had the same conversation with me.

    It’s true, but it’s not.