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Sounders FC debuts new jersey
posted on Dec 4 2010

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It’s essentially what I posted the other day. Not as bad as I thought they would look. I’m certain I’ll eat my words once I’m sitting in front of my TV in Birmingham wearing a Sounders jersey next spring.

I’m assuming these are the road jerseys. Maybe the jerseys for international friendlies and US Open Cup matches?

Seattle: The Last Few Days
posted on Dec 2 2010

Four years later, it’s time to say goodbye.

Memories to come over the next two weeks.

Seattle snow photos
posted on Nov 30 2010

All you could ever need from Snowpocalypse 2010 from the Seattle P-I. Seriously… all you can ever want.

Incredibly blurry, and potentially ugly 2011 Seattle Sounders jersey leaked (“leaked”).
posted on Nov 30 2010

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Please be a fake.
Please be a fake.
Please be a fake.

This headline is not soothing
posted on Nov 23 2010

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My Southern body was not built for this weather
posted on Nov 23 2010

From the Seattle P-I:

The high Tuesday was 25. The low early Wednesday morning was predicted to be 15, which would break the record low temperature of 16 degrees, set in 1985.

If you need me, I’ll be inside, by the heater, taking pictures of sledders and misguided automobiles from my living room.

This guy is from Jasper
posted on Nov 22 2010

Like many of you, I’m getting my Mad Men-less fix on AMC from The Walking Dead.

I definitely not your omg-I-love-zombies guy, however, I’m a sucker for the post-apocalyptic fiction. What ‘nerd’ I have in me is tucked away and flourishing quite nicely within this genre.

While I don’t endorse the antics nor attitude of his character, Merle Dixon is played by Michael Rooker has the potential to be a major character. Rooker was born and somewhat raised in Jasper, AL, the greatest city in the world. After this week’s episode (you may remember Merle went crazy, cut off his hand, and ran into downtown Atlanta… which is full of zombies) I’m interested to see how big of a role his character plays.

Rooker also stared in Days of Thunder, one of the best major motion pictures about NASCAR in 1990. (I’m not doing much for my image as a non-redneck living in Seattle, am I?)

Also, side note, here’s a Q&A with Emma Bell (Amy) whose character was the first lead to die this Sunday.

The taxi driver who thought his cab was a sled.
posted on Nov 22 2010

I heard (and felt) something crash outside. I look out just in time to see a cab pop out, sliding down the hill at a speed no car should be driving, even with chains (which he didn’t have).

Went outside to talk to some of our neighbors, two of which were standing on the sidewalk as it happened.

I’ll spare the breakdown. Just watch the video.

This is what people did the last time the road outside our apartment froze over.
posted on Nov 22 2010

Ah, the unbearably terrible snowstorm of 2008. The only positive result of your occurance was shown in the ability for Seattleites to ski to work, and sled through our streets.

We currently live in the most awesome of neighborhoods: Queen Anne Hill. Living on the actual hillside is giving us front row seats to both the beautiful (snowfall over Seattle) and the terrifying (a road with a 20% grade with black ice and snow).

Let’s just hope they shut it down before anything bad happens. Until then, I’m by the window.

Happy Monday, eh?
posted on Nov 15 2010


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We went to Vancouver, BC this weekend for some relation and birthday celebration (myself on the 11th and Chelsea on the 14th)

  • The Opus Hotel.
  • Southern Miss beat #23/#25 UCF.
  • Chick-fil-A at Western Washington University.
  • Yaletown Brewing Company for beers, food, and TV screens showing nothing but hockey.
  • AgroCafe
  • Café Crêpe
  • On of my favorite movie theatres in the world: Scotiabank Theatre in downtown. It’s got a Burger King and Little Caesars inside. Is your mind blown yet?
  • Once, again, steaks at Joey.
  • Window shopping/almost buying on Robson Street.
  • The Town was incredible.
  • Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work was great.
  • Found the Auburn game on TV at a bar. Surrounded by Southerners, no less.
  • Lunch on Granville Island, where Chelsea was attacked by seagulls.
  • And now, three men making giant candy canes by hand:

    Dave Niehaus’s greatest calls
    posted on Nov 11 2010

    Dave Niehaus, Dead At 75
    posted on Nov 11 2010

    Most of you don’t follow the Mariners closely. I’ve always loved the team, long before I moved to Seattle. Dave Niehaus was the Mariners’ Hall Of Fame announcer; one that I’ve been privileged to have on the TV 162 days of the year over the last 4 years.

    Dave called 5,284 of the Mariners’ 5,385 games. If one were to play all of those games, one per day, all in a row, you’d play baseball 14 years straight.

    I’m going to be cliche and post the clip from the “95 Slide”. No matter how many times I watch it, the clip still gives me chills.

    My favorite thing about this video? Niehaus is incredibly professional throughout, but listen to his voice change at the 3 second mark. He becomes a fan. He is a fan. Niehaus is the only original Mariners employee who is still a Mariners employee.

    I love this clip. Loved that man.

    U do.
    posted on Nov 10 2010

    Say hello to Asa Mercer, the first President of the University of Washington. This picture was taken circa 1862.

    How about that haircut?

    Happy Monday
    posted on Nov 8 2010

  • Southern Miss is bowl eligible, ranked.
  • The Red Door.
  • Thaiku.
  • I watched The Social Network. Again. Just as good the second time.
  • Walker wins their first round of the State Playoffs.

  • Moving back to Queen Anne Hill was worth every penny
    posted on Nov 3 2010

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    After a broken tooth (yes, broken… not chipped) was addressed by the dentist on Tuesday, I got home a little earlier than normal, enjoying late afternoon from the living room.

    I will never get tired of this view.

    Happy Halloween from Ralphie & The Leg Lamp
    posted on Oct 31 2010

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    Ever since we started gong out on Halloween in Seattle we’ve always made an effort to “match”.

    Our first three years we were TV characters, usually from whatever show had become our favorite in the months leading to Halloween.

    This year we talked about mixing it up, and during a discussion of our favorite time of the year (hellooooooo) A Christmas Story came up.

    Like many of you, A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Being Ralphie in his bunny suit and dressing Chelsea up as the “Major Award” leg lamp seemed logical (video).

    By the way, that’s an actual lamp shade with actual working lights inside. Kudos, wifey.

    2009: Eric & Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

    2008: Joan Holloway and Don Draper Pete Campbell, Mad Men

    2007: Jim and Pam, The Office

    Happy Monday
    posted on Oct 18 2010

    It was a 2nd anniversary celebration weekend around the house.

  • Drinks at Tavern Law, which lives up to all the hype.
  • Dinner at world famous El Goucho.
  • Southern Miss is 5-2, y’all.
  • Enjoying being on foot in the new neighborhood; allows me to make artsy photos.

  • ChampionsChampionsChampions
    posted on Oct 6 2010

    Winning a championship is fun. Watching your team win a championship in person is even better.

    Soccer doesn’t mean much to most of you. It didn’t mean anything until I moved to Seattle and experienced the first MLS Sounders match.

    It’s a huge deal in Seattle. So huge, it still freaks me out.

    Seattle won its 2nd straight US Open Cup last night in front of a US Open Cup record crowd of 31,311.

    The record attendance smashed the old mark of 21,583 set in 1929. Dating back to 1914, the U.S. Open Cup is the oldest cup competition in United States soccer and is among the oldest in the world.

    It was amazing.

    Happy Monday
    posted on Oct 3 2010

    I blocked a penalty kick in indoor soccer on Friday. I’d describe to you just how big of a deal that is, but you don’t care, my wife doesn’t care, and I’m fully aware of that.

  • The Social Network was awesome.
  • Tried a new brewery. Humble, wonderful, operating out of an old distribution center.
  • Church was on demons. Seriously.
  • Sunday was bad for my teams.
  • Mariners end 2010 with a whimper.
  • Sounders close to a playoff spot.

    posted on Sep 30 2010

    We have a tradition around the Howell house that every Monday we go to our favorite German pub Prost!, one of Seattle’s four authentic German pubs. Only German beer on tap, served in its authentic glass by the 0.3L, 0.5L, and 1L.

    I implore you to not only attend an Oktoberfest in your area, but to drink authentic German when you go.

    Our German favorites, regardless of the time of year…

      Spaten Lager
      Bitburger Pilsner
      Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier
      Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen
      Spaten Optimator