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Full highlights from UCF/Southern Miss
posted on Nov 17 2011

This was (save for the 1995 Alabama game) the most stressful Southern Miss game I’ve ever attended.

Tulsa might beat Houston before we do, y’all
posted on Nov 16 2011

Kudos for the EaglePost board for posting this interesting tidbit.

If there is a breaking point for Houston, it has been the 200-yard mark. Over the past three seasons, the Cougars are 9-7 when allowing more than 200 yards on the ground and 16-4 when allowing 200 or fewer. Tulsa and Southern Miss have combined to eclipse 200 yards on 24 occasions during that span, including each team’s win over Houston last season.


If Tulsa can reel in a Keenum pass or two on November 25, its chances to win will greatly improve. Since Keenum began his career in 2007, Houston is 23-3 in games when he has not thrown an interception, 15-12 when he has a thrown at least one pick, and 4-7 when he’s thrown two or more.

Your friendly Southern Miss roundup
posted on Nov 14 2011

The game on Saturday? My goodness.

The video above is the final play, as shot by yours truly, on UCF’s 2-point conversion. Pretty sure I use the word “ridiculous” 17 times.

  • Recap below.
  • Rankings
    #20 in the BCS
    #20 in the USA Today Poll
    #22 in the AP Poll
  • Teams we want to cheer for this week:
    Colorado St > TCU
    Nebraska > Michigan
    Illinois > Wisconsin
    Texas > Kansas St
    Ohio St > Penn St
    Virginia > Florida St (Virginia is, at this point, Southern Miss’ biggest win of 2011)
  • There was also this.

  • New Southern Miss helmet design leaked
    posted on Nov 11 2011

    Southern Miss decided to have some fun in 2011, moving to flat black helmets and switching up the sticker designs every three games. The latest version leaked today, and it might be my favorite, with this one coming in a close second.

    The November OMG Edition of “Hey guys!!! We’re down here!!!”
    posted on Nov 6 2011

    “The Leap” from Jamal Woodyard & Jamie Collins 97-yard “Pick 6”
    posted on Nov 6 2011

    The only thing better than this touchdown leap is the expression of the the cheerleaders in the background
    posted on Nov 6 2011

    Southern Miss highlights from ECU win. 8-1 y’all.
    posted on Nov 5 2011

    ESPN home page
    posted on Nov 5 2011

    What if I told you…
    posted on Nov 3 2011

    What if I told you there was a FBS college football team located in one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the nation?

    What if I told you that football team had 18 straight winning seasons?

    What if I told you that football team went to bowl games in 14 of the last 15 years?

    What if I told you that football team was ranked in the Top 25 in the current BCS standings?

    What if I told you that since the year 2000, that team had regular season wins over Alabama, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and TCU (twice), in addition to three other BCS-AQ schools?

    What if I told you that within their current conference, that football team has a winning record over every team that has been invited to a BCS-AQ conference?

    What if I told you that football team had won 4 conference championships since 1996, which is more than any other team in the conference?

    What if I told you that team was Southern Miss?

    Monday afternoon Southern Miss stats for ya
    posted on Oct 31 2011

    Scoring Defense #17
    Rushing Offense #18 (215.5 yds per game)
    Total Offense # 18
    Scoring Offense #21
    Total Defense #28

    The Platinum Edition of “Hey guys!!! We’re down here!!!”
    posted on Oct 31 2011


    Thanks USA Today.
    SUPER DUPER thanks to the BCS computers.
    WTH AP Poll?

    The Bear’s last handshake on home turf
    posted on Oct 28 2011

    Southern Miss 38
    Alabama 29

    The Case for Respect: Southern Miss vs. BCS-AQ & BCS-AQ Prospects
    posted on Oct 25 2011

    Since the year 2000 Southern Miss has beaten…

      NC State
      Oklahoma State (twice)
      TCU (twice)
      Virginia (twice)
      Cincinnati (three times)
      USF (three times)
      Houston (six times)
      SMU (3 out of 3)
      UCF (5 out of 6)

    Sometimes you need to be reminded to remind people that you have a history of proving your worth in matchups including BCS-AQ and BCS-AQ Prospects.

    More Southern Miss stuff that a few of you care about
    posted on Oct 24 2011

    Post-game quote: “You have to overcome the crowd. You have to expect the false starts.” “We knew that there was going to be five or six of those.”
    – June Jones (SMU Head Coach) on playing at Southern Miss


  • We’re 6-1 (2-1 CUSA) with a good chance of winning the CUSA East.
  • This is our best start since 2000… a year I hate to love because we lost 3 of our last 4 regular season games, winning a cardiac of a game against TCU in the Mobile Bowl, finishing 8-4.
  • This is Southern Miss’ first appearance in the Top 25 since 2004. (Has it been that long?!)
  • UTEP is a total trap game. I’m a little nervous, and I’ll be watching via Slingbox on my iPhone at a wedding. [Don’t judge me.]
  • REMINDER: Our starting RB and top Defense player are STILL NOT EVEN PLAYING and the team has only gotten better over the last four games. This fact blows my mind.
  • Southern Miss is #2 in the SB Nation CUSA power rankings, y’all. Houston is good, you guys.

  • Hightlights from the game where Southern Miss beat yet another Big East prospect
    posted on Oct 24 2011

    A Very Special Episode of “Hey guys!!! We’re down here!!!”
    posted on Oct 23 2011

    #25 in the USA Today poll.
    #27 in the AP Poll.

    6-1, y’alls.

    Yeah, CBS Sports needs to get their act together.
    posted on Oct 18 2011

    Setting my recording for Saturday’s epic (EPIC!) Southern Miss-SMU match up.

    The two players mentioned both left for the draft; Mapps in 2010, McRath (Titans) in 2009.

    2011 4th or 5th Edition of “Hey guys!!!! We’re down here!!!”
    posted on Oct 16 2011

    5-1 and coming out of a bye week. SMU this week. It’s do or die for our Top 25 hopes this year.

    It’s late on a Friday and I’m playing with Southern Miss football statistics…
    posted on Oct 14 2011

    Still can’t understand if the MWC/CUSA alliance is a good thing, a great thing, or the only thing that could be done. SO… I’m looking through old stats to make myself and my mid-major team feel awesome.

    What I’ve found was – well, I thought it was – quite cool: Since the 2008 season, Southern Miss has only lost 5 games by more than 1 touchdown.

  • South Carolina (who went on the win the SEC East)
  • UAB (Our starting QB left the game with a season-ending injury*)
  • Middle Tennessee State (Sun Belt Champions**)
  • Auburn (I mean, it’s Auburn at home y’all)
  • Boise State (Finished 12-1, losing only to TCU 17-16 in their bowl game)
    1. *I’ve never used a fact with such a staunch position
      **I bleed internally when I reference this

    Another cool fact: Over the last 2 seasons Southern Miss’s last 5 losses have been by a combined total of 17 points; an average of 3.4 points per per loss.