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Fancred Is Live
posted on Mar 13 2013

After months of building, it’s here. Download it now.

Great article on Seattle’s role in soccer
posted on Aug 2 2012

E Pluribus Sounders (Part 1): Immigrant & NASL Roots

“The history they speak of cannot be created by a league, but is instead created by the collective experience of supporters who are committed to and maintain the concept of a soccer club. The Sounders may not be the best team in the United States and have had a history filled with various starts and stops, but they’re certainly the most loved because of what they represent: the professional culmination of a sixty year love affair Seattle has had with soccer.”

This guy is getting back at everyone on Wall Street for all of us
posted on Jun 4 2012

[via Hossein]

The new Under Armour web video with Tom Brady is kinda funny
posted on May 29 2012

You WILL succumb to the power of P&G. You WILL cry.
posted on Apr 18 2012

Ellis Johnson takes a shot at Larry Fedora in the most sly of ways and I like it
posted on Mar 20 2012

From Patrick Magee’s blog:

“I told them at the end of practice today, ‘If we’re going to do something a little different here that no other team has done, we’re going to have to take it an extra step. A lot of teams have won the conference championship here. A lot of teams have double digit wins. About the only thing they haven’t done is get in a BCS game. If you want to get in, you have to beat some teams that are better than us on paper and we’re going to have to quit losing to teams that we have better players than. The way to do it is get more consistent and disciplined with fundamentals and assignments and those types of things.’ I love the competitiveness and the team speed. We’ve got a lot to build on.”

Reading between the lines: You can’t beat Houston and lose to UAB in the same year and still demand respect and a seat at the BCS table.

Inside the mind of women and brackets
posted on Mar 15 2012

My cousin, a female lawyer with a part-time writing gig, puts you inside the mind of the woman who will win your bracket pool.

Three of my favorites.

Iowa State vs. UCONN
– The Thought Process: My heart goes out to anyone who has to wear the label of Huskie.
– The Pick: UCONN

Wichita State vs. Virginia Commonwealth
– The Thought Process: I don’t know either of these teams, but I do know that Wichita IS NOT a state, and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a liar.
– The Pick: Virginia Commonwealth

Kansas State v. Southern Miss
– The Thought Process: I won Junior Miss.
– The Pick: Southern Miss.

227 days until college football season.
posted on Jan 16 2012

But who’s counting?

[via IWDRM]

Good ESPN segment on college football oversigning
posted on Jan 12 2012

Les Miles looks bad in this. Can his week get any worse?

Ellis Johnson looking like he’s about to suggest we all storm the SEC headquarters and demand an invitation. He’s a stud. I will follow.
posted on Dec 22 2011

Combat veteran aspires to play college football
posted on Dec 19 2011

I will cheer for this buy, even if he plays for Alabama.

A story about UAB athletics that I never knew
posted on Nov 28 2011

Pulled from this forum, so you know… I’m sure it’s mostly true.

“Ok so in 1976 Arnold was in Birmingham filming the movie “Stay Hungry”. While he was here, he was working out for his movie and was given a UAB shirt, which at the time had no athletic program. Then when Arnold went back to LA/Hollywood, he frequently worked out at UCLA’s gym. There Coach Bartow who was the men’s basketball coach saw the shirt and was interested about this so called “UAB”, then in 1977 Coach Bartow leaves UCLA where he had a cush job and starts an athletic program at UAB. So Arnold is the reason we have UAB sports.”

When one looks at the conference reallignment that has actually taken place over the couple of years, it all seems much less dramatic
posted on Nov 2 2011

Note that Mizzou and the 3 CUSA-to-Big East moves haven’t actually been executed yet, though comment below if I missed one.

    BYU – From MWC to Independent
    Texas A&M – From Big 12 to SEC
    Boise State – From WAC to MWC
    Nebraska – From Big 12 to Big 10
    Utah – from MWC to PAC-12
    Colorada – From Big 12 to PAC-12
    Pittsburgh – From Big East to ACC
    Syracuse – From Big East to ACC
    WVU – From Big East to Big 12
    Fresno – From WAC to MWC
    Hawaii – From WAC to MWC
    Nevada Reno – From WAC to WMC
    University of Denver to the WAC
    Seattle University to the WAC
    Texas at Arlington to the WAC
    Texas at San Antonio to the WAC
    Texas State University–San Marcos to the WAC

Volume 3 or 4 of the 2011 Edition of “Hey Guys! We’re down here!”
posted on Oct 9 2011

If you are not watching soccer I just feel sorry for you
posted on Oct 6 2011

EPL 2011-2012 Kit Reviews In One Word
posted on Jul 20 2011

The Premiership kicks off in a matter of weeks with many teams in purdy new kits. To be fair, a few of these are simply ‘keeper kits… but still, I mean, c’mon.

Arsenal: Sure.

Aston Villa: Pawn.

Blackburn: Seriously?

Bolton: LOL.

Chelsea: Same-y.

Everton: Stop.

Fulham: Slick.

Liverpool: Slicker.

Manchester City: Truedat.

Manchester United: Nice.

Newcastle: Pfffft.

Norwich: Brazil?

Stoke: Tradition-y.

Sunderland: Yessir.

Swansea: Blah.

Tottenham: MehNawYep.

West Brom: Bodon’t.

Wolves: YES.

“What is Seattle?”
posted on Jun 20 2011

The greatest goalie mask, ever
posted on Feb 20 2011

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[Kudos as always to 30fps.]

Oh yeah… War Eagle!
posted on Jan 17 2011

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I was on a cruise ship during the BCS Championship Game. I couldn’t watch. Literally.

The satellite feed wasn’t working, so 30 Auburn and Oregon fans all gathered round a computer (paying $0.75 per minute) to watch a bootlegged feed which froze every 30 seconds. It was like being handed a grainy photograph of an event with no explanation whatsoever about what happened before, after, or even when it happened.

I’m sure many of you didn’t mind my absence. Lord knows your Twitter feeds were a lot less full.

People always ask me who I cheer for when it comes to college football. Southern Miss is the obvious answer. Referring my following of the Golden Eagles as an “obsession” would be a major understatement. But in the state of Alabama, you are Alabama or you are Auburn. I grew up Auburn and followed them with a passion greater than many who actually attended the university. I joke that if I was married to Southern Miss, Auburn would be “the other woman”.

So, to Auburn, War Eagle! What an incredibly memorable year.

Now… let’s be honest and admit that next year you’ll be lucky to go 9-3. (luv u Newton & Fairley)

Dig Tim’s style
posted on Nov 2 2010

Tim Lincecum showed up for Game 7 in style.
Some poke fun, but I dig, man. I dig.