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AOL Commercial
posted on Aug 11 2013

Say hello to Mittix
posted on Sep 19 2012

Hey gang. For the last 18+ months my team and I at Doozer have been building a new Software-as-a-Service product that I named Mittix.

You can get a free account and take it for a test drive. I appreciate any feedback you have.

Try on clothes on your phone
posted on Jul 1 2012

The New York Times’ Bits Blog discussing the mobile phone success of Gilt Groupe, a personal favorite of your truly.

The new version of the Gilt app will also include the option to try on apparel, he said. An iPhone user could take a picture of himself and upload it through the app. The software will digitally edit the photo so it appears as though the item is on his body. This could be useful to see if, for example, a pair of glasses is suitable for your face.

The Microsoft smartphone from 1991
posted on Apr 13 2012

Microsoft almost invented the smartphone… in 1991

Yes… I will do everything in my power to get some Google Glasses
posted on Apr 4 2012

I told you that Google would do this. “This” = an extremely vague way of saying “anything.”
posted on Mar 6 2012

Regarding my article on The Digital from Monday, March 6:

>Don’t be surprised if Google and/or Microsoft and/or someone else look to rain on Apple’s parade this week. Making impromptu big announcements around the same time as someone else’s scheduled big announcement is a time honored tradition in the tech industry. Just last week Apple sent our its cryptic iPad 3 announcement invitations just as Google CE Eric Schmidt took the stage at the Mobile World Conference in Spain.

And today, exactly 24 hours before the iPad 3 announcement (actually, I was also sorta correct in that it’s rumored to be the iPad HD) Google announces Google Play. It’s Google’s answer to Apple’s iTunes and iCloud.

A perfect summary of the thoughts of most Silicon Valley dwellers and followers [Re: @Path fiasco].
posted on Feb 14 2012

Dan Lyons saying what everyone else has said, though through his very loud microphone:

Now Arrington and Siegler have appointed themselves the watchdogs of tech journalism, eager to point out the irresponsible and inaccurate reporting that they see all around them. This might ring a little less hollow if they hadn’t been such egregious violators themselves, and if they weren’t writing this stuff to protect the people they’re in bed with financially.

If you were curious how seriously @verge would be taken at CES this year, their setup should answer that question.
posted on Jan 6 2012

My Lawd. That’s an awesome trailer.

[Not trolling here, serious question: Have Gizmodo or Engadget or others ever brought a setup like this to CES?]

My fearless Tech predictions for 2012
posted on Jan 4 2012

  • Facebook will buy Instagram and attempt not to do to it what Yahoo did to Flickr.
  • Burbn, the creators behind Instagram will launch a similar app for video.
  • Vox Media will be acquired by a major media group. Vox is awesome, and they let their writers write what they want. I do not look forward to Vox ever being acquired.
  • Path will be dubbed the “next big thing” by those in the mainstream (the techies have already christened it as such) and Path users will begin to fight Facebook users, encouraging them to abandon the site/app/entertainment source that has become their lifeblood.
  • An Android phone will knock the socks off of the iPhone 4S.
  • The iPad 3 will debut and knock the socks off the iPad 2, moving the iPad as a whole closer to an independent computer solution [read: USB port and the like that actually make us shed our laptops… and not simply talk about shedding our laptops].
  • Apple will debut the iPhone 5 which will include 2-3 features that will make the 4 and 4S like a water boy.
  • A major player (maybe a new version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire) will debut a tablet that offers Apple’s iPad its first real competition.
  • Groupon will encounter major layoffs. As of today Groupon has 8,000+ employees, and I predict that Groupon will shed 15% of its workforce by the end of 2012. Oddly, a majority of them will come from Sales, which Groupon will spin as “We already have our customer base and don’t need to ‘seek’ as much as we used to, blah blah” type of spiel.
  • Facebook will produce some piece of hardware, though it won’t be a phone or a tablet. Why? They hired lots of folks for a phone that’s rumored to have gone belly up (or at least having major issues) yet no one major individual or group has since left or been let go. [NOTE: If they launch a browser, I get half credit for this.]
  • Gawker will launch a new blog and the Gawker readers of the world will wonder how they ever lived without it; it will shutter mid-2013.
  • A TechCrunch competitor will arise from those formerly with the now useless Aol-owned technology blog. The new entrant will actually break news, actually post on topics other than mobile apps, and actual be interesting… which TechCrunch rarely is nowadays.

  • I’ve said my piece with the Twitter mobile app redesign. The CEO didn’t agree, but at least he responded.
    posted on Dec 10 2011

    My conversation with @jack from earlier today.

    Google killed 7 services this month… 6 yesterday.
    posted on Nov 23 2011

    …and they are…

      Google Bookmarks Lists
      Google Friend Connect
      Google Gears
      Google Search Timeline
      Google Wave
      Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal

    Internet browser shares show the continued decline of Internet Explorer
    posted on Nov 3 2011

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, after 7 years on Firefox I moved to Chrome. I’ve never felt better.

    Via Ars Technica, Internet Explorer market share drops below 50% for the first time ever.

    The only bad thing about this video is that we’ll be dead by the time it all comes to fruition
    posted on Oct 27 2011

    If you were one of the world’s richest and were speaking at a conference, you’d totally wear Crocs, right?
    posted on Oct 20 2011

    Sergey did.

    Chime.in has an ugly logo, but an interesting interest page
    posted on Oct 18 2011

    Not tech. Google.

    My love for you is like…
    posted on Oct 13 2011

    Oh, McSweeney’s. You’re brilliant.

    My love for you is like Twitter: short, erratic, I might miss something important if I step away for 5 minutes and I keep sending you somewhere else to get the full experience.

    My love for you is like Facebook: I’m always changing our dating parameters, and I constantly over-share our info.

    …and my favorite, because I will always love (and store on) Flickr…

    My love for you is like Flickr: I’m too busy focusing on the past to build a future.

    “Dear World, Netflix is an awesome company”
    posted on Oct 10 2011

    This image (via reddit) puts it in a little better perspective… though Netflix still has a way to go before regaining customer trust due to their recent pricing and Qwikster snafus.

    Blockbuster seizes the moment
    posted on Oct 10 2011

    Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod
    posted on Oct 5 2011

    Watched this yesterday prior to the iPhone 4S announcement.

    Your iPhone 4S video
    posted on Oct 4 2011