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Analyzing my analytics
posted on Oct 3 2011

Reading through some of my blog’s Google Analytics results last night. Here’s how y’all fare

    Operating System: Windows (72.6%)
    Browser: Chrome (39.5%)

Almost 40% of you use Google Chrome as a browser. I like that figure as I recently switched from Firefox to Chrome myself. 27% of you still use IE (I’m going to assume it’s due to your employer) with 23.53% on Firefox, 11.80% Safari.

Bro disses Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg responds in kind.
posted on Oct 2 2011

True screenshot via TechCrunch.

Any of you mobile app developers and designers are gonna love this
posted on Oct 2 2011

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Web Browser stencils. The coolest geeky thing you’ll buy this week.

Cool or creepy mobile app feature?
posted on Sep 30 2011

As mentioned previously, I’ll be at SIC 2011 in Seattle in November. SIC, like many conferences is putting out an app specifically for the attendees themselves. One of the features I’m digging from a networking perspective, despite the fact it slightly reeks of stalker:

SIC and Unsocial will also provide a new social networking tool that will enable conference attendees to find key business professionals within their proximity and generate targeted conversations and meetings in real-time. Features include the ability to connect with people via integrated messaging, exchange information, and to even call each other directly if they choose to make their contact information available.

I actually like the feature. Sonar does something similar, though cannot filter specifically within the group of attendees itself.

Here’s hoping I’m stalked.*

Holler if you’ve attended a conference whose app had a similar feature.

*Knows he’s not that important.

Kindle kompetitor komparison
posted on Sep 28 2011

[via Gizmodo]

Old and original homepages of some Internet titans
posted on Sep 26 2011

I posted the original Facebook homepage in March. Kottke posted the original Twitter homepage, later posting a link to a collection of old and original homepages.

Amazon’s similarity to their page as of August 2011 simply boggles my mind. They have only recently working on a redesign due in part to the increased usage of tablet computers.



The New York Times




The new Facebook hates “Likes”
posted on Sep 24 2011

Mighty small… and for such an epic* win.

*This is left to my personal, misguided interpretations.

Google brags about not being #1
posted on Sep 24 2011

Despite the fact that Android devices are significantly outpacing iPhones, and ad impressions are higher than the iPhone, somehow the iPhone leads mobile search:

While Google continues to crow about Android market share, it’s got to be pretty embarrassing for them to testify under oath that iOS owns their mobile search traffic.

Do yourself a favor and watch this interview with @Jack and @KevinRose
posted on Sep 23 2011

Nothing just happens.

Jack Dorsey invented Twitter, founded and co-created Square, and co-created my favorite early podcasting site Odeo. In short, he’s full of ideas and, from the look of it, incredibly humble.

Here’s an interview from early 2011 where Jack talks with Kevin Rose, Digg founder.

More great interviews at Foundation.

What Facebook Timeline looks like.
posted on Sep 22 2011

I have to admit… it’s pretty awesome.

Facebook has officially crossed over from “social network” to “online life center”. Dramatic term to use? Maybe. Still… this new change is legit, and I really can’t make you love it until you play with it yourself.

I didn’t receive a special invite or anything. I actually used the hack suggested by Mashable (who did something right for a change) and it worked.

Elements of it are still quite clunky (it’s beta bro) but the ability to easily/swiftly scroll back in time to see events from even just a few months ago causes one to realize just how quickly the new becomes old in Internet time.

Just wait, you’ll appreciate soon enough. Use the hack and start browsing ASAP.

Google. You’re so subtle.
posted on Sep 21 2011

Regarding Facebook’s redesign…
posted on Sep 21 2011

Microsoft nearly doubles Bing market share, yet losing more money than ever. Why?
posted on Sep 21 2011

Bing is losing money hand over fist despite seeing its market share nearly double in its first two years of existence. Why?

“…more than half of Microsoft’s share growth has come from cannibalizing its search partner.”

That would be Yahoo!