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Me. You. Tonight.
posted on Sep 9 2010

Happy Monday
posted on Aug 23 2010

3-day weekends are good, but not as good as 4-day weekends.

  • Hike up Hurricane Ridge.
  • Killer mountain goats.
  • Rialto Beach.
  • We went to Forks, Washington. There were no vampires. Actually, there’s nothing in Forks.
  • Seriously, Forks. Just stop it.

  • 3-day weekend
    posted on Aug 18 2010

    We’re off on a 3-day weekend to the Olympic Peninsula. Home of driftwood covered beaches, rain forests, and vampires. Yes… vampires.

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    Poor little cub
    posted on Jul 8 2010

    We were headed back to Whitefish, MT, through Glacier National park. We came around a bend when I thought I saw something behind a rock wall on the right side of the road. I stopped and Black Bear (assuming it was a mother, and her husband was back at the cave watching Saturday baseball on TV) crossed the road, her two cubs following.

    The mother scaled the steep cliff, as did cub #1. Cub #2 accidentally climbed underneath a chain link fence used to control falling rocks. It sat there screaming for a few minutes until the mother returned, which is where the video ends.

    Don’t worry… we came back by 5 minutes later to find that the mother had freed the poor cub. It made Chelsea cry.

    Fly fishing on the Flathead River
    posted on Jul 7 2010

    Here’s a video of Chelsea pulling in her 14 inch Cutthroat Trout. 5 hours of fly fishing in the Flathead River produced a mere 2 fish, but it was a blast. I even managed to hook the hat I was wearing (read: would’ve hooked my scalp if not wearing my hat).

    Happy Back-From-Vacation Monday
    posted on Jul 7 2010

    Yes, I know it’s Wednesday… but it’s our Monday.

  • 2 days of driving and picnicking in Glacier National Park. It’s just as good as everything we’ve heard.
  • Daily cups at Montana Coffee Traders.
  • Fireside chats with us and anyone who would listen.
  • The Kalispell Times gets all journalistic, not once but twice.
  • Truly great beer name.
  • Fireworks on the 18th green.
  • Fly fishin’.
  • Tastings at the Great Northern Brewing Company.

  • I really really really want to see a moose in Montana
    posted on Jun 30 2010

    You complete me.

    Happy Tuesday
    posted on Jun 1 2010

    It’s a 4-day work week, you know.

  • Watched UFC 114 amongst hundreds of strangers at BWW in Portland. I’ve never really gotten into UFC and had no idea there was a fight. I was educated by those surrounding me and honestly feel bad for never having fully opened my mind to what I considered the “NASCAR for yankees”.
  • Pool at Leny’s.
  • Dinner and drinks at Shelter Lounge.
  • Finally got to see Baksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop. Different than what I expected, but thoroughly entertaining.
  • Portland Saturday Market.
  • Tasting at Rogue Distillery & Public House.
  • Tasting at Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House.
  • Way too much time and not too much money at Powell’s.
  • Sunday morning at Stumptown in the lobby of the Ace Hotel is the most relaxing yet rowdy scene in Portland. A serene lobby backed sharing a space with Stump’s line-o-coffee-needers that is out the door. My new pride and joy, limited edition mug.

  • Vegas
    posted on May 21 2010

    Yeah, so, sorry I lied and told you I’d blog this week. It was my first visit to Las Vegas and I’m convinced that our group was one of the few to visit Sin City for 4 days and remember every minute of it.

    The rundown of what my out-of-shape body was able to force itself to do during 21 meetings over 4 days:

  • Cirque du Soleil
  • New York New York Hotel & Casino
  • The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino
  • VooDoo Lounge @ Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino
  • Nero’s Steakhouse @ Caesars Palace
  • Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris Hotel: I had food here 4 times in
  • Napoleon’s Lounge @ Paris Hotel
  • Bally’s
  • O’Sheas Hotel & Casino
  • Le Burger Brasserie @ Paris

  • Happy Monday
    posted on May 17 2010

    …did I mention I was in Vegas through Thursday morning? Send me any tips/suggestions to me via Facebook.

  • Started Dexter, season 1.
  • O’Sheas, Bally’s, Paris
  • The Sounders win is nail-biting fashion.
  • The Mariners are breaking my heart.

  • SXSW
    posted on Mar 15 2010

    Mad that I’m not at SXSW. Any of you who were able to make it, feel free to text me and rub it in.

    Our trip to the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia
    posted on Mar 1 2010

    [Like the photo? Buy it. It’s easy to drop coin at the Games and the wallet is significantly lighter.]

    View all photos here.

    We drive up to Vancouver every few months, so we’re familiar with the “feel” of the city. This time we knew the feel would be significantly different for the obvious reasons, but there’s no way to describe how a city feels when the Olympics are in session.

    Lines were much shorter than expected (we walked right up to the Cauldron). Everyone was incredibly nice (they’re Canadians). You can have a blast for free (or overpay for gyros). We also made it on TV (my second Olympics to do so.)

    It was a blast, and if you’re ever within a 12 hour drive of any Olympic host city, go… even if you have to sleep of the floor of a train station. It’s worth it.

    Also, I’ll be competing in the 2014 Winter Olympiad.

    Trip to Vancouver
    posted on Feb 26 2010

    We’ll hop the train to Vancouver today for 7 hours of Olympics. I’ve spent more hours swimming than we’ll be spending in the Olympic city, but the Winter Games (or any games from that mater) will most likely not be this close again. Tickets to any event are $200+ per ticket for the worst seat at the least popular event, sso it’s safe to say we’re not watching any in person. We hear of long lines and $15 bottles of water, but we’re simply looking to wander and observe. I did it 4 years ago in Italy, and I got to make fun of this kids slap shot.

    4 days ’til Vancouver
    posted on Feb 22 2010

    Yes, we’re headed to Vancouver Friday. No, we don’t have tickets to any events.

    However, I took a day trip to the last Olympic games in Torino and had a blast, though this time I won’t be sleeping on the floor of a train station, and I doubt we’ll make it on TV again.

    Chelsea and I are taking the Amtrak train across the border for part of the day Friday to visit the venues, watch events LIVE, and tell NBC how terrible their coverage is.

    Four years ago today I took this picture in Paris
    posted on Feb 19 2010

    It was cold, raining, and I hadn’t eaten in 7 hours, but I was bound and determined to get a shot of the Eiffel Tower with those pretty clouds cutting diagonally in the background.

    It’s still one of my favorite moments from Europe.

    posted on Feb 11 2010

    Yeah, it’s the Winter Olympics. No track & field, no nail-biting gymnastics. But hey… you know you’ll end up crying at least once during a medal ceremony.

    Chelsea and I are taking the train across the border for one day, visiting the venues and entertainment spots. The tickets are ungodly expensive unless you want to spend an entire day and $90 per seat to watch curling… and quite frankly, curling isn’t my style.

    Doing the Truffle Shuffle (not really) in the same location as Chunk (really)
    posted on Feb 10 2010

    As you may know, we visited Mikey’s house from The Goonies while passing through Astoria, Oregon a few days back.

    I was about to attempt the Truffle Shuffle on camera when 1) another couple started to walk up the drive way, and 2) the neighbors were looking out their windows.

    About the “incredibly creepy homeless woman”
    posted on Feb 1 2010

    Over the weekend I sent a mobile upload of our experience at Portland’s famous VooDoo Donuts. We hoped in line to find a stoned and/or drunk homeless woman approach me, staring, standing with her mouth open, just a couple of feet away. I asked her if she needed anything… if everything was alright. That’s when she proceeded to ask me (multiple times) how my “first time” was. Seriously. And no, she wasn’t talking about my first ‘donut hole’. [Insert joke here.]

    After asking me 10+ times, she went down the line asking others the same question. I was the only one who talked to her. I genuinely tried to engage her in conversation, even asking if I could buy her breakfast. The fact that I talked to he is probably the reason she came back to me and stood starting, just like this, for the better part of 20 minutes.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and offer it to a homeless person. Should that homeless person deny your lemonade and ask you about your first time experiencing sexual intercourse, take a video of them and put it on the Internet. They’ll never see it anyway.

    So there I stood, cellphone by my hip, hoping to catch a clip of her creepiness in action. I was quite pleased with the result.

    When we got to the front of the line the cashier told us that the people in front of us had already put $10 towards our donuts. They snuck out before we got to thank them.

    Happy Monday
    posted on Feb 1 2010

    We took an impromptu trip to our friendly neighbor of the south, Portland. Home to Donald Miller, one of the best public transportation systems in America, and more hipsters than you can shake a stick at.

    It is truly one of my favorite, and most relaxing cities in the world.

  • Drinks at the Annex Bar. The coziest dive in all of Portland.
  • VooDoo Doughnuts for their famous maple bacon bar, a cinnamon sugar doughnut, and a giant (no seriously) glazed doughnut that took-up an entire box.
  • Visited two new wineries: Torii Mor & Lange
  • My first Buffalo Wild Wings in months. I’ve still yet to find a replacement for these things in Seattle. Don’t tell me they’re overrated.
  • Lost in the stacks a Powell’s, the world’s largest bookstore.
  • Watched The September Issue via Marriott in-room movies. I’m obsessed with business, and I don’t discriminate which industry you’re in. I can honestly say that I was not only not bored, I was intrigued. Great movie.
  • Chelsea got to see Haystack Rock for the first time.
  • Visited Mikey’s house from The Goonies. Kinda performed the truffle shuffle – video later.

  • Happy post-Christmas Break Monday
    posted on Jan 4 2010

    [Home for the first time in 12 months.]

    Feels like it’s been a while. Happy 2010 to you all. Now get to work… it is Monday morning.

    I’ll assume we’re all back at work, home safely from multiple vacations and excursions. Needless to say, it was quite interesting being in Alabama this year.

    You don’t realize how much you miss home until you leave home for an extended period.

  • 3-hour trip to the Vegas strip in-between flights.
  • First time in Jasper since last Christmas.
  • On the road: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.
  • Spoiled our niece.
  • Jackson for friends, Keifer’s, and cub-par espresso at Cups.
  • WWII Museum in New Orleans. Incredible.
  • Seahawks go out in 2009 fashion with a lackluster loss to the Titans.
  • I get closer than this to Griffey, but my iPhone messed up. Photos didn’t show. I cry.
  • Started Christmas countdown for 2010.