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This video by WBRC of Alabama in the 80s is amazing: “Tell ‘Em Alabama Is Great”
posted on Oct 29 2013

AOL Commercial
posted on Aug 11 2013

Southwest Airlines… ‘Just Plane Fun’
posted on Feb 6 2013

This Stumptown Coffee video is a perfect example of how they turned people like me into coffee drinkers
posted on Jan 17 2013

Trailers of my favorite Christmas movies
posted on Dec 23 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Story

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Some Old Christmas Commercials
posted on Dec 21 2012


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Old School Halloween Commercials
posted on Oct 31 2012

Got into a nostalgic mood last evening and ventured into YouTube to see what 80s/90s videos I could find.




Toys R Us


Micro Machines

Honey Nut Cheerios

Freddy Krueger Hotline

Monster Marshmallows

Video of Jerry Seinfeld’s HBO Debut in 1981
posted on Jul 3 2012

This guy is getting back at everyone on Wall Street for all of us
posted on Jun 4 2012

[via Hossein]

The new Under Armour web video with Tom Brady is kinda funny
posted on May 29 2012

I know you’ve all seen this commencement speech, but I’m posting it.
posted on May 25 2012

Zynga looks like a really tough space to work at, you guys
posted on May 11 2012

This stop motion video of Paris is the 2nd or 3rd coolest thing you’ll see today
posted on May 7 2012

Ernest Greene of Washed Out fame is better at an iPad than you are
posted on May 3 2012

You WILL succumb to the power of P&G. You WILL cry.
posted on Apr 18 2012

This is a video for a company that produces videos. I’d say they know what they’re doing.
posted on Apr 17 2012

The Invention of the American Football Helmet
posted on Apr 11 2012

Nike gave this guy money to make a movie. This guy took the money and traveled around the world.
posted on Apr 9 2012

Yes… I will do everything in my power to get some Google Glasses
posted on Apr 4 2012

There’s a poker movie coming. Next week. It’s looks good.
posted on Mar 15 2012