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The Leap Year explained
posted on Feb 29 2012

You will probably want these shoes by the end of the video.
posted on Feb 27 2012

Red Wing Handsewn Collection | Made in Maine from Red Wing Heritage on Vimeo.

Justin Vernon and Sean Carey are the best music you will hear this week
posted on Feb 20 2012

The third track I Can’t Make You Love Me is a little weaker than it should be, but you’ll enjoy nonetheless.

Tracks featured:

    1. Hinnom, TX
    2. Wash.
    3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
    4. Babys
    5. Beth/Rest

So this MetLife commercial is awesome
posted on Feb 19 2012

Don Draper is (almost) back
posted on Feb 19 2012

Pumped Up Kicks. Dubstep. Dancing. This YouTube video beckons you.
posted on Feb 13 2012

The movie at the 4 min 13 sec mark caused me to question my knowledge of gravity.

MOO describing their amazingly awesome new style of business cards will make you want to buy their amazingly awesome new style of business cards
posted on Jan 31 2012

This video has nothing to do with anything you are doing and you must watch it now.
posted on Jan 20 2012

Liquid Skies from Annis Naeem on Vimeo.

This amazing video was done by a student at the Art Center College of Design.

[via The Verge]

A Remix of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” Made Using Film Clips
posted on Jan 17 2012

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

Of course the first person in line to get their picture taken with the BCS trophy is an Alabama fan from Jasper
posted on Jan 17 2012

This week, for some reason, I’m intrigued by Bobby Fischer.
posted on Jan 17 2012

Here’s a short clip from The Dick Cavett Show in the summer of 1971.

Girl shoots approximately 1 second of video on every day in 2011
posted on Jan 17 2012

(How I missed this, I’ll never know.) Hitler reacts to Southern Miss’ bowl selection.
posted on Jan 16 2012

Great trailer for what’s certain to be a great movie. LCD Soundsystem’s ‘SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS’
posted on Jan 12 2012

Wish List: The TV from Back To The Future II is here, y’all
posted on Jan 12 2012

Good ESPN segment on college football oversigning
posted on Jan 12 2012

Les Miles looks bad in this. Can his week get any worse?

Mississippi College put up these fake but beautiful videos on their website. It makes me long for college once more.
posted on Jan 11 2012

Head to MC’s new website to see how the videos are used (yeah, I’m not happy that they removed the Clock Tower logo either… it’s at the bottom) and surf around the revamped site.

It’s pretty snazzy, y’all.

  • The Quad
  • Students just chillin
  • Business School
  • Jesus
  • The Kugel

  • These 2012 movies look good. I hope they don’t stink.
    posted on Jan 10 2012

    The Divide

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Silent House

    The Hunger Games

    American P.O.W. blinking morse code ‘T-O-R-T-U-R-E’ during a forced interview
    posted on Jan 9 2012

    Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr., a retired United States Navy rear admiral, naval aviator and a former Republican U.S. senator for the great state of Alabama.

    Really stocked about DONDA, you guys.
    posted on Jan 6 2012